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Goji juice is made from the goji berry, which is found is found in the Himalayan mountains of Nepal and Tibet. The people of this area appear to live long, relatively disease-free, and healthy lives. This fact led people to research the goji berry that appeared to be a miracle food.

There are several ways that goji juice helps promote weight loss. The goji berry is considered to be an adaptogen, which increases stamina allowing you to exercise longer and harder, and it increases stamina and endurance. Goji juice also promotes the growth of lean muscle. This is important because a lean body burns fat and uses it as fuel instead of storing it within the body. Another helpful fact is that goji juice helps alleviate stress, and most people can attest to the fact that stress is a major cause of weight gain. Goji juice is also responsible for regulating the thyroid. Keeping the thyroid under control is essential to maintaining a healthy weight because a slow thyroid promotes weight gain and mood swings. Some of the vitamins and minerals that it contains—such as calcium and vitamin B1—promote weight loss and the fast burning of carbohydrates. This juice is very effective in helping the dieter lose weight and maintain an overall healthy life.

List of Ingredients

18 amino acids, 21 trace minerals, calcium, chromium, copper, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, selenium, sodium, zinc, and vitamins B1, B2, B6, and E.

Product Features

Goji juice comes from the goji berry, and it is loaded with minerals and vitamins that make it an indispensable tool in helping you meet your weight loss goals. It is full of fiber and is provides a boost to your immune system and energy level.

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  • Goji juice is very low on the Glycemic Index (GI), which helps stop your body from craving sugary, starchy foods.
  • Goji juice is also high in fiber, which keeps you feeling fuller longer.
  • It is high in several vitamins that are helpful in burning energy instead of storing it as fat.


  • It is expensive—ranging from $15-$35, depending on the size and consistency.
  • To be completely effective, it must be in its truest form as Himalayan goji juice, which is sometimes difficult to find.
  • Goji juice is not effective for everyone across the board.


There may be some truth behind the idea that goji juice is indeed a miracle elixir. Its health benefits are many, and it promotes weight loss in many different ways. The combination of vitamins and minerals that it contains is a great blend of natural weight loss stimulants. It is low on the glycemic index which stops the cycle of craving and eating sugary food. Goji juice is also full of fiber which keeps you feeling fuller longer. Goji juice also promotes the growth of lean muscle, and a body with lean muscle burns fat faster. Overall, Goji juice seems to be an effective method of losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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3 User Reviews about Goji Juice

  • 1

    does it have any side effects ? and how to prepare juice from berries ?and how much intake per day is recommended ?.thank you


  • 2
    Richard T. Settles

    I am nearing kidney dialysis & cannot have much poassium…how much potassium is in Goji juice?


  • 3
    Robert Reading

    I have read that Goji juice is highly acidic. Is this true?