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Goji Trim Pro is a capsule form of the popular goji juice. Goji juice is a popular choice for weight loss because of its many special qualities. It is rich in fiber, which suppresses your appetite. It is also rich in many vitamins in minerals that are effective in boosting your metabolism, which helps burn fat fast. Goji juice promotes the production of lean muscle, and this is important because muscle also burns fat fast. It is also important to note that goji juice contains vitamins and minerals that are known to alleviate stress, and most dieters know that stress is a major cause of weight gain.

Goji Trim Pro claims that it also serves as a total body cleanse. It rids the body of unwanted and unnecessary toxins. This is also a good method of weight loss and overall improved body image. The cleanse not only flushes the digestive and excretory systems, but it also gets rid of excess water that can cause uncomfortable and unattractive bloating.

List of Ingredients

Claims to made with pure goji juice, but there is no proof to substantiate these claims.

Product Features

We are not exactly sure what this “all-natural” product is made from because there is no direct website to clearly describe this pill. It claims to be the first pill to harness the power of the goji berry and its juice. If it truly does harness the power of the goji berry, then Goji Trim Pro is effective as weight loss supplement by reducing stress, regulating the thyroid and pancreas, and by promoting the development of lean muscle.

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  • Goji Trim Pro is recommended by celebrities, though none were mentioned by name.
  • Goji Trim Pro is a capsule form of goji juice, which is now considered to be a superfood.
  • This product may improve digestion.


  • There is not much information about this weight loss supplement.
  • It is an expensive product at $70 for a one month’s supply.
  • There is not an official product website; Goji Trim Pro is listed on several sponsoring website that are covered with distracting advertisements.
  • Weight loss claims are unrealistic.


Goji juice and goji berries are effective methods of weight loss because of their natural ability to improve digestion, reduce bloating, regulating the thyroid and pancreas, and increasing energy levels to allow you to exercise longer and harder. Although it would be exciting to have the coveted goji berry encapsulated into a pill form, information about Goji Trim Pro is inconclusive. There is very little evidence to support their claims of being made from pure goji berry juice. They claim that this is a safe pill to take because is completely all-natural, however, there is no actual website for the product that can confirm or deny these claims. This may or may not be a gamble you’re willing to take.

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