Gold’s Gym Sauna Suit Review

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The Gold’s Gym Sauna Suit promotes weight loss through extra sweating during your workouts and otherwise daily activities. Perspiration is the body’s own cooling mechanism, but when the body sweats, it is a sign your metabolism is working to burn fat. Take a look at this review to determine if you should invest in your very own sauna suit to wear during your workouts.

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The Gold’s Gym Sauna Suit will help you lose weight through ridding your body of extra water weight. It does this by using a heavy vinyl material that does not allow for sweat or water to leave the fabric. In other words, the fabric does not breath and allows the heat to stay inside the body rather than escape through sweating. You will not lose fat just by wearing this suit, and it should be expected that any weight you lose is fat. Water weight is responsible for up to two pounds of weight change on a daily basis, so it is quick to rebound. Losing too much water can also be a bad thing, because it can dehydrate the body, leading to serious health issues including kidney and liver damage. The suit is designed to be worn at any time, but works best in high heat situations that will lead you to sweat anyway, such as in a sauna.

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  • The Gold’s Gym Sauna Suit will provide temporary weight loss, quickly.


  • The Gold’s Gym Sauna Suit will not provide healthy long term weight loss results.
  • This says nothing about diet and exercise.
  • Losing too much water can cause dehydration.


The Gold’s Gym Sauna Suit is not a good alternative to healthy weight loss. Yes, you will lose weight, but the weight loss seen on the scale will be superficial water weight. You will quickly regain the weight, as it is not fat. This is really more of a gimmicky product, and we do not recommend anyone use it for long periods of time. To get healthy, long term weight loss, you need to be losing fat, which will require a dedication to eating a healthier diet with fewer calories than you burn through physical activity and exercise. You should also keep yourself well hydrated and opt for plenty of water instead of coffee and soda. We suggest that instead of using a product like this one, you devise a reduced calorie healthy diet and combine it with a regular exercise program. For even better results as compared to diet and exercise alone, you should consider adding a clinically proven weight loss supplement, in the form of an appetite suppressant or fat burner.

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3 User Reviews about Gold’s Gym Sauna Suit

  • 1

    Hi I bought the sauna suit I love it but the pants ripped after 2 wear I was very disappointed so now I just have the top I do want to buy another one I would love to lose weight for my Christmas party now I can not can yo uhh help please I bought the 3 xxx large I am heavy on the bottom


  • 2

    The vinil sauna is very good. Me and my husban use it and it works good .it makes us sweat alot when we do question is does it help u get toned also? Or just helps on losing fat and weight? I would appreciate any tipz and your response.


  • 3

    WORST sauna suit ever. The pants ripped during first use. The top ripped at the seams under the arm pit. I had the correct size and it STILL ripped at the seams. Very poorly made and a complete waste of money. If you are looking for a good, durable, sauna suit–do NOT get the Gold’s Gym brand. Just horrible.