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Goldenseal is a flower that mainly grows in Canada and the United States. In natural medicine, the goldenseal plant may work as an anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial agent. Historically, it has been used as a cancer treatment, treatment for swollen breasts during menstruation and goiter. In terms of weight loss, the laxative properties may be the only reason a supplement company would include goldenseal.

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Hydrastis Canadensis.

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Goldenseal shows up in history many years ago. Native Americans used to utilize goldenseal as a treatment for cancer and eye wash. Other disorders that were treated with goldenseal in history include stomach disorders, gastritis and cirrhosis. Today, herbalists tend to gravitate toward goldenseal as a bitter tonic and laxative.

The laxative properties of goldenseal make it a viable cleansing supplement ingredient. Many weight loss products are picking up laxatives and diuretics to increase weight loss though these ingredients will not lead to permanent weight loss. Instead, the dieter sees a reduction in weight on the scale due to water loss. This weight will return as soon as they stop taking goldenseal.

Currently, wild goldenseal is being harvested faster than it can grow. About 60 million plants are taken each year for various uses without being replanted. This has lead to the plant being listed on the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora list.

Berberine, the active portion of goldenseal, may be beneficial in treating diabetes. Testing concludes that Berberine may be just as effective as some prescription medications at reducing blood glucose levels. When taking in large amounts, however, animal studies have shown increased liver weight and reduction in absorption of B vitamins.

The immune boosting ability of goldenseal leads to the ingredient being paired with other natural immune boosters like Echinacea for supplementation. Goldenseal sells for about $6 per bottle.

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  • May help treat various health conditions.
  • Is generally considered safe.
  • Could help control blood glucose levels.
  • Goldenseal is inexpensive.


  • Should not be used by women who are pregnant or nursing.
  • May lower blood pressure.
  • Has a laxative effect.


Laxatives are like a new craze in the weight loss industry. Laxative use may cause weight loss for a short period but the weight loss is not permanent. Dieters taking goldenseal for weight loss will not likely be happy with the results. There are no fat burning or metabolism boosting effects. In order to lose weight with supplementation, dieters should choose proven ingredients with fat burning potential like green tea and caffeine. Chromium is also a great addition as it can reduce hunger and cravings between meals. Goldenseal may be an inexpensive supplement, but it proves near worthless for the dieter.

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