Golds Gym Abmax Abglider Review

Editor's Review: 2.7 / 5.0

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The Gold’s Gym Ab Glider works wonders for those that might not have the time to get to a gym everyday. It ultimately allows for an intense abdominal workout that is proven to tone and overall shape up your stomach. It comes already preassembled, and only requires the handlebars to be put into place. The Ab Glider is exceptionally lightweight and easy to transport, so you could ultimately bring it virtually anywhere with you. It not only tones your stomach but also gives a secondary workout to your glutes, back, arms, and shoulders at the same time.

The Ab Glider is solely based on a simple wheel design. Although far from a typical wheel, its easily maneuverable actions allow for better resistance which always yields better and faster results. If you use the Ab Glider for just a few minutes each day it is proven that you will see results within 2-3 weeks at the minimum. The Ab Glider also includes a non-slip neoprene mat for your knees, so it is able to be used on virtually any surface. All you have to do is kneel, hold the handles, and repel the Ab Glider away from you until you cannot go any lower – then repeat several times until you feel it begin to work. It works both the upper and lower abdominal muscles in minutes.

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The Ab Glider has several different exercises built into the one performance tool. You not only work your upper and lower abdominals, but also shape your arms, back, shoulders, and buttocks all at the same time. Aside from that, it especially works your arms due to the consistent resistance of pushing your arms back – allowing for even faster results. “Negative” movements create and tone muscles much faster than “positive” movements. It is proven to work with results showing in as little as 2 weeks if you do it consistently. With its simple, mobile design you can take it anywhere with you and get a great workout in minutes – that is, if you are doing it the correct way and not cheating! Remember, more resistance yields more results!

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  • Contains four wheels for extra stability.
  • Non-slip PVC wheels for any surface.
  • Removable handles for easy storage.
  • Shapes more than just your abdominals.


  • This product is now discontinued.
  • Is not proven by any doctors or personal trainers.
  • Does not have a money back guarantee.


The Gold’s Gym Abmax Abglider is an effective way to shape your abdominals as well as other body parts just in minutes. If used once a day for at least 10 minutes per day you are sure to see results in as little as 2 weeks. It has a simple design that can be brought anywhere with you, even the gym!

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