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Gold’s Gym is considered the cornerstone of bodybuilding and has had celebrity following, including Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jim Morrison, and is recognized today as one of the world’s leading gyms. Along with offering the latest fitness equipment and certified trainers, they also offer fitness classes such as yoga and mixed martial arts, along with their own personal store called Gold’s Gear. Additionally, they offer personalized services such as tanning beds and childcare, but this depends on the location.

Because of its leadership in the bodybuilding community, Gold’s Gym has earned quite a reputation, but its audience isn’t strictly limited to bodybuilders and celebrities. Their membership plans are affordable also and typically cost between $50 to $60 per month. For dieters too busy to stick with an exercise program, popping into their favorite gym might be a better option instead, but it is important to evaluate if the gym is the best fit. We will evaluate how well Gold’s Gym will fit the average dieter’s lifestyle.

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Product Features

Gold’s Gym features a variety of elliptical and weight machines, along with trainers who can help guide dieters on the right exercises for their body type. They do offer personalized sessions if dieters wish to take a more controlled approach, but this is expensive and is added to the monthly membership rate. Most of its other add on services, including tanning and childcare services, are also automatically charged and added to a person’s membership, upping the amount paid each month. This seems to be a complaint shared by many members.

Gold’s Gym childcare service, which varies depending on the gym (all gyms are privately owned), seems to be a plus with members. It does cost extra, but members seem to appreciate this feature, stating that it allowed them to workout without worrying who would watch over their kids. There don’t seem to be any complaints surrounding this issue. Collectively, most members emphasize how much they like the variety of machines and services available at Gold’s Gym, although they also report membership is difficult to cancel.

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  • Offers childcare services to members, which is useful for mothers who want to get into shape.
  • Offers a variety of workout programs and workout machines.


  • Members report having difficulty canceling their membership.
  • They charge additional fees for different services.
  • Month to month membership costs more, and canceling it costs additional money.


Gold’s Gym is considered the leader in bodybuilding, but still offers a variety of services for the average dieter, including varied workout programs and simple workout machines. The hidden fees and additional prices for other services is an issue, and you may end up paying more than is advertised. If you realistically think you can commit to 2-3 gym days a week, Gold’s Gym could be the place for you, but in terms of dieting and weight loss for the average reader, it may be a bit extreme.

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7 User Reviews about Gold’s Gym

  • 1

    The entire experience with this gym has been extremely negative. I have been to many gyms that includes community centre gyms and Fitness World. I have to say that Gold’s Gym is the worst and this seems it is a world wide problem with all Gold’s. It started when they offered a free week for the gym to my girlfriend but when she spoke to a sales representative, they pressured her into a contract. In addition, they used many different tactics like so-called deals and benefits but really, all they want is for you to sign a contract so that they can start billing you. So they pressured my girlfriend into a contract and said that to cancel it would cost $300. So I decided to take the contract off of her hands as they said it was only $100 + the cancellation fee ($300) to complete the contract for a year. However, they instead charged me an additional $400 and said that was the price and there was no way it could cost $100 more as the contract was a $700 contract. So they completely misled my girlfriend and myself. In addition, they do not offer any refunds and they will continually mislead you; all the sales representatives seem to be trained the same way. The corporate site will not help you as each gym is privately owned and the managers of each gym will not help you. Like almost everybody else, this has been one of my most stressful situations with any organization. They seem to not care about the customer. It is the oddest business practice. Please find another gym that is hassle free.


  • 2

    Terrible customer service. Every time I call they ask if I’m a member and won’t answer any questions until you answer “yes”. They have hung up on me when I asked to be transferred and if I call when they are with a potential new member. They don’t clean the tanning beds. They make the member do it. The pillow in the bed has so much gunk under it it sticks to the bed. I don’t even want to think about how many diseases and bacteria there is on those beds. The GM is never there when I call to speak with him/her. DON’T JOIN THIS GYM! They think that because they are cheap they can be rude. I will pay more for a clean and friendly facility that will address my concerns and not ignore them. This one is in Blaine, Minnesota


  • 3

    they only want your money
    terrible customer service never get a personal trainer program SCAM


  • 4
    Raj Neill

    Golds Gym in the Ventura are is offering a
    $19.00 a month membership with no contract. After meeting with an emloyee, it seems that this is if you place $!85 depos.
    The come on is really false advertisment, also they want the monthly fee put on a debit card. Can they get away with this?


  • 5

    Gold’s Gym took an unauthorized transaction out of my account my 2nd day as a member. They acknowledged the problem and said I would have to go through a refund process to get my money back. This is after they took my last out of my account causing overdraft fees 8 days before CHRISTMAS. There customer service is horrible and I would never recommend them. Yes they will fix it…… after christmas!!!!


  • 6

    Read the fine print before signing a contract with this overpriced place ($50-$80/month membership fees are the norm, and forget about being able to afford a personal trainer). I write this review several minutes after ending a phone call with staff at the gym. When you sign the one year contract at this gym you are told 2 things: unless you move you are locked into your contract and nothing you can do will change them continuing to bill you and you can call/tell them anytime after your one year is up to stop billing you immediately or else they will continue billing you monthly. So today I called them to inform them that my contract is up July 15 and I cannot continue to afford the ridiculous membership fee. Imagine my delight when they told me that I would be required to walk into the gym and sign a cancellation form which requires 45 day notice. Why 45 days? So that they can bill unsuspecting people an extra month of course. Only after I asked them if there was another way to cancel without having to travel to the facility did the woman mention I could fax a letter (conveniently forgetting to mention this before). When I asked for the corporate number, in hopes that I could appeal to a higher authority, she declined it. While the facilities are nice, and the staff is generally friendly this type of experience shows me the lack of care that they have for their members. To anyone hoping to sign up there, I recommend finding a cheaper gym without such a strict contract, and pay attention to the fine print. Retro Gym which is just up the street is much more flexible and cheap. Otherwise hope that nothing bad happens to you financially as they are unflinching in their greed.



    I had the same issue as Yelena. I joined in Wilmington, NC with the goal of improving my health. I explained upon signing my contract that I would only be there for 6 months. They said that I could cancel at any time, providing a 30 day notice. Come time to cancel, I found this termination process to be long and extremely difficult. First, you cannot cancel through the establishment itself, you have to fax a whole bunch of bullshit information to National Fitness. I had to provide 2 forms of proof that I was moving (for school), including a copy of my lease and acceptance letter to grad school. They wouldn’t even allow me to fax this information in their facility…I was directed to fex-ex kinkos, which would have cost me about $15 dollars because of the amount of information they require. I did this, and found out 2 months later that I was still being charged for membership fees. Upon calling to see what was going on, I found out that they had no proof of my cancellation. I told them that I was not paying, even though they had already taken my money. I filed a fraud report with my bank, which took the money back from National Fitness/Gold’s Gym. I thought my troubles were over. Instead, I found out that I was going to be sent to collections because they now had no record that I had ever paid for those 2 months (even though they showed up on my bank statement…which is how this whole thing started). So now they were charging me for 2 months of membership (which I never used) and service fee’s because my card that they had in their system had been canceled. I found out that because my bank took the money back from them, I was still held accountable for those 2 months. After numerous conversations with bullshit service representatives and being threatened to be sent to collections, I finally caved and paid almost double what was initially disputed.

    All of this because their staff is incompetent and unreliable. Don’t listen to anything this establishment has to say, and ALWAYS read the fine print. They lie and cheat innocent people that are trying to make their lives healthier.

    Beware! These assholes WILL STEAL your money!