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Gold’s Gym offers millions across the world a complete line of fitness equipment and accessories. Many products market themselves as having the ability to slim down the abdominal region as well as shed water. The Gold’s Gym waist trimmer is one such product. This neoprene belt wraps around a dieter and secures close with the assistance of a Velcro strap. The belt generates heat in the midsection which causes the area to sweat. The water lost translates to weight loss. The problem we found is the amount of water lost is minimal at best.

The Gold’s Gym waist trimmer is not available on the official website. We found it on third-party sites such as for $5.

List of Ingredients

Adjustable neoprene belt.

Product Features

The Gold’s Gym waist trimmer is a neoprene belt claiming to shed excess water in the abdominal region while slimming down a dieters’ waist line. We found the claims associated with the Gold’s Gym waist trimmer not supported by scientific research. What we did find is the product does increase the heat around the midsection, causing the dieter to sweat. The extra water results in minimal weight loss. After consuming water to rehydrate, the water lost is now gained.

The price of the Gold’s Gym waist trimmer is manageable to even the most cost conscience dieter. Spending $5 is a small investment for any weight loss product. The unfortunate side of such an inexpensive weight-loss accessory is the quality of the material. The neoprene belt contains warning in which the dieter could potentially contract dermatitis, cancer or endure reproductive issues. This is a red flag for any weight loss product, regardless of the price.

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  • Inexpensive.
  • Expandable to a 50 inch waist.


  • Will not promote significant amounts of weight loss.
  • Causes loss in hydration.
  • Does not offer advice on proper diet.
  • Material linked to serious diseases and conditions.


Products claiming to produce a slimmer waist-line and chiseled abdominals raise a red flag. There is no product on the market that has been clinically proven to produce the effects of the Gold’s Gym waist trimmer. The only thing the Gold’s Gym waist trimmer does is increase the production of sweat in the abdominal region. Although the loss of water will indeed cause weight loss, the results are minimal at best.

At a price$5, the Gold’s Gym waist trimmer is a value, unfortunately the product comes with severe warnings. We found the materials in the Gold’s Gym waist trimmer could cause dermatitis, reproductive issues and even cancer. We don’t think a dieter would be willing to risk their life for a product that does not provide any results.

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6 User Reviews about Golds Gym Waist Trimmer

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    What are the chemicals that possibly cause cancer?


  • 2

    I wore the belt around for maybe an hr then decided to tan at the fitness center. Well as I was tanning for about the first 5 minutes, my stomach where the belt goes,around was burning really bad and 3 days later and I’m still hurting and red. Very strange because I never get burnt in a tanning session!


  • 3
    Nikki Harris

    Well what happened to me was I wore the belt for around 1 hour while I shopped in Walmart. I returned home then proceeded to take the belt off. It was hot outside so I decided to get in a small blow up pool we put on our deck. I didn’t realize how my stomach was looking I was in the water for about 30 minutes and getting some sun rays my stomach got red as fire and had the shape of that belt that I had previously wore and wasn’t on my body at the time it messed up my lower stomach on the outside it has been 3 days and my stomach is still blood red in the shape of that belt what the heck happened I put burn gel and everything I can think of to cool the burn I didn’t realize that the belt would leave a deep imprint in your skin I think it burned my skin before hand then when I got into the water and sun that I have a third degree burn. I will never wear that belt again fat or not it messes up your skin for sure.


    Your Name

    The bands purpose is to make you sweat. When you get in the tanning bed or the sun after immediately taking the band off the water/sweat acts like a magnifying glass.


  • 4

    I have been using the stomach band for about 2 months. I definitely don’t think it’s making me lose weight in just my stomach but it does give my more core stability and it makes me sweat more. Today I wore it to the gym, showered and then went tanning…… I have a burn the size of the band and completely around my body…. The only spot on my body that burned.


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    The bands purpose is to makes you sweat. When you have water/sweat on your body is like a magnifying glass from the sun or tanning bed to your skin.