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Golds Gym Waist Trimmer Review - Does This Fitness Device Really Work? Are cancer warning and poor construction deal breakers?

Editor's Review: 3.5 / 5.0

WGGAWB12If you want the bottom line on Gods Gym Waist Trimmer, give me just two minutes of your time. We completed a detailed and in-depth review, examining the side effects, ingredients, clinical studies and customer service quality. Moreover, we read through hundreds of user responses posted all over the web. At last, we condensed and refined to give you the info you need.

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What You Need To Know

To start, the Golds Gym Waist Trimmer is a fitness belt that is made from “soft” Neoprene material. It fits women and men with waists up to 50 inches. It is adjustable and comes with a hook and loop closure, as well as Velcro. The purpose is to help you shed extra weight around the midsection. Put simply, the wrap fits snuggly around the tummy area and locks in heat, which causes you to sweat more in this area. Therefore, retained water weight is lost. You can wear it anywhere so it is portable.

The Golds Gym Waist Trimmer has been available since 2010. It can easily be acquired through Amazon for $11.43. There are plenty of customer reviews posted online, which is helpful, but read on…

Cancer Warning – “Yikes?”

The first problem we found with Golds Gym Waist Trimmer is a warning that appears on the label. “According to the packaging, this product contains chemicals that can lead to cancer and birth defects. This is a big red flag and many customers are turned off by this warning,” says our Research Editor.

One customer complained, “The product has a cancer warning on the box. I will not use this product or recommend it to anyone.”

“Why the heck would I want to wear something that can cause cancer! Why would they even continue to sell this?,” said another user.

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Poor Construction – “Uh Oh”

We found plenty of customer complaints regarding the poor construction of the Golds Gym Waist Trimmer. One user commented, “Cheapest ever trimmer. Starts ripping from places and doesn’t work a bit. Material is too cheap and cannot be washed in machine.”

Another customer said, “It started tearing the first day I put it on.”

The research we’ve conducted has shown that if there is some certain facet of a weight-loss product or diet program that is very troublesome (poor construction, cancer warning, pills that cause serious side effects) the odds of long-term success are not good. So, if the Golds Gym Waist Trimmer does not hold up well and breaks or tears frequently, this could be a serious problem.

Could We Find Any Science?

Sadly we were unable to find any scientific research that supports the Golds Gym Waist Trimmer for weight-loss. While we do appreciate that this type of belt will cause more perspiration in the tummy and abdomen area, it does not address excess body fat or speed up the metabolism. At DietSpotlight, we like to see documented clinical studies that prove the product works. This one just doesn’t live up to that expectation.

The Bottom Line – Does Golds Gym Waist Trimmer Work?

Wait for one more second ladies and gentlemen, here are some final thoughts. We certainly appreciate that the Golds Gym Waist Trimmer fits various women and men, but this belt does not truly help with fat loss. Instead, it is more for increasing perspiration during workouts. From what we read online, there are a lot of customer complaints regarding poor construction and some are worried about the cancer warning. Needless to say, we are skeptical about giving this one the green light.

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How Does Golds Gym Waist Trimmer Compare?

Previous Golds Gym Waist Trimmer Review (Updated February 5, 2014):

What You Should Know

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Gold’s Gym offers millions across the world a complete line of fitness equipment and accessories. Many products market themselves as having the ability to slim down the abdominal region as well as shed water. The Gold’s Gym waist trimmer is one such product. This neoprene belt wraps around a dieter and secures close with the assistance of a Velcro strap. The belt generates heat in the midsection which causes the area to sweat. The water lost translates to weight loss. The problem we found is the amount of water lost is minimal at best.

The Gold’s Gym waist trimmer is not available on the official website. We found it on third-party sites such as Amazon.com for $5.

List of Ingredients

Adjustable neoprene belt.

Product Features

The Gold’s Gym waist trimmer is a neoprene belt claiming to shed excess water in the abdominal region while slimming down a dieters’ waist line. We found the claims associated with the Gold’s Gym waist trimmer not supported by scientific research. What we did find is the product does increase the heat around the midsection, causing the dieter to sweat. The extra water results in minimal weight loss. After consuming water to rehydrate, the water lost is now gained.

The price of the Gold’s Gym waist trimmer is manageable to even the most cost conscience dieter. Spending $5 is a small investment for any weight loss product. The unfortunate side of such an inexpensive weight-loss accessory is the quality of the material. The neoprene belt contains warning in which the dieter could potentially contract dermatitis, cancer or endure reproductive issues. This is a red flag for any weight loss product, regardless of the price.

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  • Inexpensive.
  • Expandable to a 50 inch waist.


  • Will not promote significant amounts of weight loss.
  • Causes loss in hydration.
  • Does not offer advice on proper diet.
  • Material linked to serious diseases and conditions.


Products claiming to produce a slimmer waist-line and chiseled abdominals raise a red flag. There is no product on the market that has been clinically proven to produce the effects of the Gold’s Gym waist trimmer. The only thing the Gold’s Gym waist trimmer does is increase the production of sweat in the abdominal region. Although the loss of water will indeed cause weight loss, the results are minimal at best.

At a price$5, the Gold’s Gym waist trimmer is a value, unfortunately the product comes with severe warnings. We found the materials in the Gold’s Gym waist trimmer could cause dermatitis, reproductive issues and even cancer. We don’t think a dieter would be willing to risk their life for a product that does not provide any results.

18 User Reviews About Golds Gym Waist Trimmer

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  • 1

    Hi, I purchased this waist trimmer 2 weeks again. The first time I wore it, no problem. The second time I wore it, i broke out in red bumps around my stomach. It hurts so bad I haven’t been working out. It has been almost a week and am still hurting. Please tell me what to do.


  • 2
    Your Name

    Do you guys not think about what you are doing or what? If you sweat your poor’s open right? That makes them more susceptible to sun exposure. You basically opened your pores with the belt and got very deep and serious sunburns. In the future do something to close the pores first ice it or something or just wait it out. Take care of yourselfs. My experience with a weight trimming belt has been pretty good. My skin feels a little tighter and I’ve lost some up in water weight. So pretty much what I expected which is great!!!


  • 3

    I don’t see why something that could cause cancer would be put on the market. I haven’t researched the material, maybe it’s the neoprene. But I imagine after all these years someone would have gotten cancer from it and sued the company forcing them to take it off the shelves.
    Not saying it doesn’t.
    Anyway, I used this about four years ago, wearing it at work and while working out and got major shredded. As a woman in my 30s, I was working on a 3-pack to my abs. Sides were toned, hardly anything jiggled. Lower back was even ripped, NO back fat. But my company got bought out, got stressed and gained all my flab back. Again. I been working out, and lost some inches, but nothing as to how I lost using this belt.
    Bought another last night, wore it for a few hours today grocery shopping, then walking outside and while I ate. Afterwards my stomach was hot and muscles aching a bit.
    I don’t tan, but have never experienced any kind of a rash.


  • 4

    I’ve been wearing the band at least a month nw no loss to my belly!! But to find out its irritating my skin it burns!! I rubbed myself with alcohol no help its caused my skin to bump up on my stomach area into a rash!! I didnt know until today tht it could b washed what should i do



    Did you exercise while wearing the belt? If not, you may not see results. The belt is made to help reduce water weight by inducing sweat not burn fat. Also, because your skin is being heated, your pores open up, so i wouldn’t recommend putting alcohol on open pores. I recommend cleaning the belt. If you’re sweating in it and constantly putting something dirty on, you will have some irritation i.e. a rash. You should look into dietary supplements, healthy eating, and/or a work out plan along with the belt if you are trying to get rid of fat or tone up your stomach.


  • 5

    I used this belt twice while riding my bike.
    The first time I wore it over the high waist band of my yoga pants. I actually felt like it helps me work my abs more and I was shocked at how much sweat was on my belt.

    The second time I wore it under my yoga pants, on bare skin. Again, I was shocked at how wet the belt got in only ten minutes or so, and I really felt like I was already seeing a difference in my waist.

    While wearing it, I looked up these reviews and saw people were getting burned. I though, how the hell is that possible? If it acts like a magnifier, how do you get burned UNDER the fabric? Don’t you get a sun burn only on bare skin?!

    But low and behold, about fifteen minutes later I took it off in front of the mirror, and I have a huge red spot wrapped around my midsection in the shape of a belt.

    Its been about a week and its still there, just as bad. I haven’t used the belt since. Its very hot to the touch, and it itches really badly. What is this?! How do I get rid of it?! Why hasn’t it gone away?! Can someone please help me and tell .e what I should do?

    Also, once its gone, will wearing it over your clothes still work without burning you?


  • 6

    What are the chemicals that possibly cause cancer?


    Your Name

    What is in it to maybe cause cancer ?



    Eating the wrong smoking is the reason ppl get cancer !



    OOPS sorry food also is the reason pl get cancer, but blame it on the smoking!

  • 7

    I wore the belt around for maybe an hr then decided to tan at the fitness center. Well as I was tanning for about the first 5 minutes, my stomach where the belt goes,around was burning really bad and 3 days later and I’m still hurting and red. Very strange because I never get burnt in a tanning session!



    May i ask you how long the burn lasted and did u continue tanning or did you wait for it to go away because this so happened to me tonight and ive been frwaking freaking out



    If you were wearing the belt before going into the tanning bed, the belt opened your pores, leaving your skin even more vulnerable to sunburn. Next time, take off the belt for a while before going into the tanning bed.


  • 8
    Nikki Harris

    Well what happened to me was I wore the belt for around 1 hour while I shopped in Walmart. I returned home then proceeded to take the belt off. It was hot outside so I decided to get in a small blow up pool we put on our deck. I didn’t realize how my stomach was looking I was in the water for about 30 minutes and getting some sun rays my stomach got red as fire and had the shape of that belt that I had previously wore and wasn’t on my body at the time it messed up my lower stomach on the outside it has been 3 days and my stomach is still blood red in the shape of that belt what the heck happened I put burn gel and everything I can think of to cool the burn I didn’t realize that the belt would leave a deep imprint in your skin I think it burned my skin before hand then when I got into the water and sun that I have a third degree burn. I will never wear that belt again fat or not it messes up your skin for sure.


    Your Name

    The bands purpose is to make you sweat. When you get in the tanning bed or the sun after immediately taking the band off the water/sweat acts like a magnifying glass.


  • 9

    I have been using the stomach band for about 2 months. I definitely don’t think it’s making me lose weight in just my stomach but it does give my more core stability and it makes me sweat more. Today I wore it to the gym, showered and then went tanning…… I have a burn the size of the band and completely around my body…. The only spot on my body that burned.


    Your Name

    The bands purpose is to makes you sweat. When you have water/sweat on your body is like a magnifying glass from the sun or tanning bed to your skin.



    It burned my skinned and left it irritant i have bumps all over my belly from scratchinh yhe itchy ness ive been wearing it but no stomach loss what am i to do


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