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Good Cow was founded in 2000 in order to provide the most premium and “environmentally conscious” dairy products to the food industry. Good Cow milk is always lactose-free and rBST free (hormone free). Everything is processed on Good Cow’s own farms immediately after milking in order to retain the pure taste. According to their website, “our primary goal is to provide the highest quality, concentrated Grade A dairy products to the service industry”. Good Cow has an FDA approved technology that uses cold filtration osmosis to remove over half of the water contained in milk, leaving it with pure, clean milk. Afterwards it is pasteurized and homogenized in order to provide you with Grade A fully pasteurized milk, as opposed to regular milk that is not nearly as carefully processed.

Good Cow raw milk is immediately refrigerated upon milking in order to retain and maintain the best flavor as well as making sure no bacteria growth occurs. They use a special separation device which thoroughly separates the cream from the milk as a whole while being cold, usually anywhere below 45 degrees, as opposed to most companies using warm devices. After this entire tedious process, the different types of milk (i.e. 1%, 2%) are packaged in gallon cases. Finally, their USDA approved technology allows them to keep all dairy fresh for over 30 days, which is more than twice the shelf life of typical milk found elsewhere.


Pasteurized and homogenized milk in its purest form.

Product Features

Good Cow products are filled using the typical “bag-in-box” technique. According to their website, they currently fill 2.5 gallon poly bags, which yield approximately five or 6 ME (milk equivalent) gallons. The packaging is designed to be easily handled and able to be transported anywhere. All packaging is made from at least 50% recycled materials, which obviously uses less waste in production. All Good Cow products are five times higher than the USDA requirement, always using milk from certified farms which are typically organic.

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  • Milk can be stored up to twice the time as regular shelf life.
  • All milk is always carefully processed.
  • Packaging reduces a great amount of waste and is recycable.
  • All processes and technology used are USDA and FDA approved.


  • Products are harder to find among stores.
  • Products are more expensive than regular milk products.


Good Cow is one of the purest sources for dairy products in the entire food service industry. Each process in creating all dairy products is carefully done in order to provide all customers with the highest quality dairy products available. All Good Cow products are extremely environmentally-friendly and recyclable.

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