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The Good Housekeeping Diet is a supermarket diet plan. Dieters who want to lose weight can use this “real people” plan and still enjoy some of the foods they love while reducing caloric intake and losing weight. All foods included on the plan can be purchased in a local grocery store. Too many diet plans include difficult to find or expensive foods, but that is not what the Good Housekeeping Diet is based on.

Dieters need to understand that any weight loss diet will cause a reduction in weight if followed closely, but not all diets will work for extended periods of time. Dieters need to eat right all the time and exercise often. Choosing foods from the local grocery store is not going to be enough to help some dieters reach their goal weight.

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Supermarket Diet Plan.

Product Features

The Good Housekeeping Supermarket Diet gives dieters a map of the local grocery store. This map is used to navigate the store so dieters buy the right foods to lose weight while avoiding aisles that contain high-fat and high-sugar meals and snacks.

Weight loss requires the dieter eat less calories than the body needs, but calorie-laden foods make it difficult. Just one cookie contains 200 calories, on average, but the dieter can eat a complete meal for that many calories if the right ingredients are included.

The Good Housekeeping Diet does not address the need for exercise or how dieters are supposed to handle parties, special occasions and holidays. We believe the information in the book is the same information most dieters already know, like stay away from the inside aisles and shop the perimeter of the store. When in doubt, never go down an aisle that contains baking goods, processed foods or prepared meals.

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  • Gives dieters a map to navigate aisles of a grocery store to lose weight.
  • Helps dieters learn how to shop in the real world without prepackaged meals.
  • The cost for the book is very little.


  • Dieters may already know the information in the book.
  • There is no mention of exercise or long-term weight loss solutions.
  • May not address portion control.
  • Does not help the dieter suppress hunger.


The Good Housekeeping Diet is not a unique concept. Most dieters are skilled enough to understand the good and bad foods in a grocery store. It appears Good Housekeeping has compiled a list of tips for diet shopping assuming the dieter has no idea how to shop to lose weight. Exercise, supplements and special considerations are not addressed. This means the dieter will still have to look elsewhere for the best tips on these dieting problems.

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