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Good ‘n’ Natural is a line of products which focus on having a few active ingredients, reasonable prices, and a philosophy that supports fitness and wellness as opposed to dropping weight rapidly. While Good ‘n’ Natural’s weight loss product selection is limited, the concept is good.


The ingredients in Good ‘n’ Natural products vary from one product to the other, but otherwise there are fairly straightforward.

Their green tea supplement is only Green Tea and preservatives. Other weight loss products provided by Good ‘n’ Natural include Creatine powder, Bee Pollen, and a Seaweed Formula.

Good ‘n’ Natural also has a Hoodia Gordonii Supplement which also contains green tea and cocoa, but no other additional active ingredients.

Product Features

All of the products are straightforward when it comes to their active ingredients. A lot of other weight loss products out on the market today are weighed down with so many active ingredients it is difficult to determine what works and what does not. The Hoodia Gordonii supplement is specifically a product that usually gets weighted down and is not in this case. If the product contains pure Hoodia Gordonii, that is enough to act as an appetite suppressant without any other active ingredients. This form of Hoodia acts like glucose in the blood stream and it singles to the brain that the stomach is satisfied, even when it is not. No other active ingredients are necessary to achieve this result.

Finally, the Cost of Good ‘n’ Natural supplements are amazingly low. A bottle of Hoodia containing 60 capsules runs as low as $10 dollars and you can find a bottle of their Green Tea capsules (100) for under $6. One of Good ‘n’ Natural’s policies is to offer their products at very affordable prices. The company’s website is currently set up for retailers, their consumer site is not up and running as of yet. Good ‘n’ Natural products are sold on various supplement websites which provide nutrition panels and additional information regarding their products.

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  • Widely sold in supplement and health food stores.
  • Affordable compared to similar supplements on the market.
  • Formulas not weighed down with unneeded ingredients.


  • Weight loss aid selection rather limited.
  • Hoodia does not come with a certificate of authenticity.
  • Company does not overtly recommend diet and exercise as a primary means of losing weight.
  • Company does not offer a variety of products meant to support those dropping excess weight.


Good ‘n’ Natural seems to be somewhat average when it comes to being a supplement supplier with weight loss aids. While they seem reliable as a dietary supplement company, their offerings to those trying to lose weight are limited, which is not necessarily the best option for those trying to drop a few pounds. The prices are reasonable, so if you are in the market for a Green Tea or Bee Pollen supplement, these products would be a good choice. If you are looking for a supplement with a bit more kick, such as a fat burner or an appetite suppressant, do your research before making a decision. Also, do not forget a healthy diet and regular exercise are necessary for any pill to work properly.

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