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Goodliness Fat-Reducing Capsules are produced from extracts of traditional Chinese herbs which are known to have a fat-reducing tendency. These particular herbs – cassia, ginseng, lotus leaf, and mulberry, have been researched for years by traditional, holistic Chinese doctors. These four herbs are proven to be effective through several experiments by the procministry of health. According to their website, Goodliness pills are able to reduce weight from 6-10 kgs. after approximately three bottles. However, there is no information provided that states whether it indeed suppresses appetite as well as the need for exercise involvement.


The main herbs used in Goodliness Capsules are cassia, ginseng, lotus leaf, mulberry, and winter melon peel.

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Goodliness Diet Capsules are intended for simple, adolescent and post-natal obesity. According to their website, they advise to drink more fluids, eat a more balanced diet and certain fats while taking Goodliness. There are also directions on how many is appropriate to intake, according to your body mass. The four herbs included in Goodliness Capsules are somewhat of a different combination for weight loss, according to information based on each herb. Cassia has proven to benefit people fighting diabetes, as well as people accustomed to high blood pressure. Ginseng has been used in China as well as other Asian countries since ancient times in order to increase naturally energy. It is commonly found in several popular products including foods and drinks. There are many different kinds of Ginseng, but very little scientific evidence linking it to weight loss. Goodliness Capsules also do not tell you that ginseng contains steroids and there is a specific regimen to take it. Lotus leaves have been proven to act like a diuretic, so Goodliness can be getting rid of simply water weight and not the real thing. Finally, mulberries are a natural laxative, which means that Goodliness can also be just flushing out your system and not getting rid of any fat.

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  • Cassia can help battle diabetes and high blood pressure.
  • Ginseng can help increase stamina and energy.
  • Lotus leaves and mulberries help to boost immune and digestive system.


  • There is no money-back guarantee or satisfaction-guarantee, unless it is unopened.
  • There are no user testimonials on any website that sells them.
  • There is not really enough information about the product and its performance.
  • No information is proven except for the types of herbs used.


There are countless products and supplements available today to help battle weight loss. Goodliness Diet Capsules are probably not the most efficient and effective in combination with weight loss. There is no valid evidence that proves that taking Goodliness Pills will immediately help you lose weight. Instead, Goodliness might be relying on simply the four main herbs used in order to flush out your system instead of burning fat.

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  • 1

    Do you still have the goodliness diet pills? How much and where can i order this pills?


  • 2

    Have a friend who’s currently on this diet pills, she said that she has trouble sleeping, dry and bitter taste in the mouth, loss of appetite, cold and clammy palms and feet, frequent urination, bowel incontinence, etc which is exactly the same symptoms if a person is taking in methamphetamine aka shabu. You might wanna think twice about taking in these pills, no proven clinical studies have shown what the real components are in this drug, did show a few herbal and medicinal plants, however all of the ingredients of this pill are packed into one small pill, who would even notice. Again, with the economy right now, people would do anything to gain profit not caring about what the consumers are going to lose in the long run. You might also wonder why this pill is really expensive when its just plants and natural extracts are on it and “no checmical” additives. Again, not only think twice, but research, observe, read and get as much info first before deciding on taking in something. We only have this life once, better make it worth it. Just my 2 cents.

    Disclaimer:My comment is not intended to stereotype any Chinese product or the Chinese people in general of the authenticity and legality of their goods & services. This is merely an expression of my view and opinion about these kinds of products.


  • 3

    where can I buy this goodliness


  • 4

    can i bring it overseas? the customs will not confiscate it? and do i have to declare it? thanks so much!


  • 5

    ive been in to goodliness with quite sometime..and its effective..everytime i feel i gained some weight its the first solution on my mind..and it has done its part..really good..but beware of the fake ones..:)


  • 6

    what are side effect of goodliness if i taken this of my body


  • 7
    Magdalene Martinez

    I like your products!! It is very effective! Thank you so much for helping me to loss my weight!!BIG, BIG CONGRATULATIONS to GOODLINESS fat reducing capsule