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While many individuals are overweight because of a physical problem, even more are overweight because they are battling their minds and wills to do what it takes to drop the pounds. Gorayeb Seminars Lose Weight with Hypnosis is a program that takes this idea of mind battling as far as it can. Rob Gorayeb, current hypnotherapist, claims he can win the mental battle for you through one hypnosis session and seminar. The Gorayeb Seminars Lose Weight with Hypnosis, however, do not appear to be the answer to your weight loss problems.

Program Features

Clients attend a single seminar where Gorayeb puts you into a super concentrated state of consciousness and then teaches all of the attendees the basics of eating the way thin people do. In these seminars, the claim is made that thin people do not necessarily have faster metabolisms than the rest of us. Rather, thin people establish eating patterns that keep their metabolism working for them.

These onetime sessions also include information about calorie content and how extra calories turn into extra pounds. Only one session is required for you to experience the full effects and benefits of the Gorayeb Seminars to Lose Weight with Hypnosis. Customers claim at the end of each session, Gorayeb says you’re going to have to diet to drop those extra pounds, indicating that the Hypnosis is not as effective as you are originally led to believe. There is no price listed on the official website, however many customers report they paid $59.99 for the one time session and if they felt any need to experience the hypnosis again they can return to any seminar for free. The website contains a video featuring extremely satisfied customers and Gorayeb discussing his personal approach to weight loss. No prices are listed on the site, but they do provide a phone number you can call to sign up for a session.

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  • Supposedly helps you lose weight after one session.


  • Many believe hypnosis to be ineffective.
  • Does not encourage exercise as a key to weight loss.
  • Several complaints have been lodged against Gorayeb: that he really tells client how to diet in the end, that the hypnosis does not work, and that he peddles dozens of supplements at seminars.


As mentioned previously, the Gorayeb Seminars Lose Weight with Hypnosis is not the answer to your weight loss problems. You do not need to pay out good money for information you already know about dieting and exercise. If you want to lose weight, you know you will need to modify your habits. If you want to drop those extra pounds, a healthy diet, lots of water, regular exercise and a natural, fat burning, appetite suppressing supplement are the path to success.

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21 User Reviews about Gorayeb Seminars

  • 1
    Angela Brock

    My husband went to one of your 2 hour seminars yesterday. After going through the vitamin hard sell he said quite a few people walked out. He stayed for the hypnosis and even bought the video. It has not even being 24 hours and he is smoking again. What a total waste of $75 and of course it is only guaranteed if you buy their supplement vitamin products at a cost of $400. Don’t be fooled this is a total scam!


  • 2

    I attended a seminar on August 13, 2013 and so far so good… Have not had a cigarette since. I did buy most of the supplements for fear that It would not work without them…. I don’t know if it is the hypnosis or the fact that I invested money to quit but it is working and that is all that matters… Still have to work at it a little…but I do recommend them.


  • 3
    Christine Lewis

    AS a Hypnotist and nurse that has had greeat success in helping people with wieght loss ans stress management this man is giving hypnosis a bad rap. If done correctly and not in one session. it dose work very well.


  • 4
    Susie Pinkerton

    I would like to know if it is possible to return some of the stuff I got at a seminars. I cannot take the pills they upset my stomach. I should of knew better than to get them as I have some problems with stomach. I have several bottles unopened. Thank You. Susie Pinkerton


  • 5
    Jean Day

    I have to say, back in about 1996 I was at Gorayeb’s hypnosis seminar because my friend wanted to stop smoking. She did stop for a while. I went to stop eating so much. He suggested to only think of two items you wanted to stop eating. My downfalls were chocolate and potatoes of any kind. I was shocked when the next day and for nearly a year- all chocolate tasted like wax. Sadly, I kept pushing myself to get it to taste good. It finally did. But as for potatoes, I HAD to have them everyday- and now- I seldom ever eat them since 1996. I’d say I went into the session as a non-believer and came out satisfied. I’d like to renew my session but I don’t think he comes to MN anymore. Back then he didn’t push any vitamins or pills that I recall. Sorry for those that didn’t find help! I know that I was pleasantly happy!


  • 6

    I attended a weight loss semimar in Anchorage, AK around 2004. I had been battling weight due to sugar cravings after last daughter was born. I left that seminar that night along with about 50 other people all seemed happy. I did not spend a penny over the $50.00 cover and not only did the sugar cravings not return, I lost 19 pounds in less than 2 months. There were some suggested meditations to do in the morning and evening, real brief. I can go to his seminars for life free now with my booklet.I was suspicous of the vitamins etc, so did not buy anything. Very happy customer. May I say, I was pretty sure it would not work for me. Very happy to be wrong.


  • 7
    Wayne Davis

    Need information on next Atlanta area seminar for quiting smoking


  • 8
    Ronald Hengl

    Pills i payed for at seminar cost $175.99.
    Next day went to account at my bank.
    You charged me $ 299.99.
    What a ripoff.


  • 9

    My dad and sister went to this seminar last week. They were very disappointed. It cost $50 JUST to get into the door. They were NOT hypotized and the program ran out of CDs before either could receive one. The sole-goal seems to be promotion of expensive remedies (snake oils? Otherwise, FDA would be involved.) No matter, the program is making multi-millions merely on the cost of admittance alone. Those hoo-dooed into buying the extras “remedies” are just feeding this program’s profits and nothing more. What they offer can be bought over-the-counter at any drugstore. It’s all a matter or putting YOUR MIND IN CONTROL OVER YOUR BODY. I would never fall victim to such a scheme.


  • 10
    Diane Johnson

    I attended a seminar in the Chicago area in February. As far as I’m concerned, it’s a scam. The hypnosis didn’t do anything for me.

    Also, who has that kind of money for all those supplements???

    I was also put on a list for the cd’s because they “supposedly ran out”. Never received anything or any explanation. What a waste of $50!!


  • 11
    Mark Brown

    Class action lawsuit is being filed against this company. Includes, consumer abuse, false and misleading advertising, lying to consumers. ommitting information until after payment has been made. You are welcome to join me.


    Ken Benett

    How is your suit going? Have you been successful? Just curious… thanks.


  • 12
    Lorri Brynan

    I attended a stop smoking seminar in September of 2010. I quit smoking that night and have never wanted to smoke since (after smoking almost 2 packs a day for 33 years). I went into the group session with the attitude that it was absolutely going to work. I took one of my employees with me who was skeptical and questioned the whole process. She started smoking again the next day. I believe it was my attitude. Yes, they sold me the vitamins which I ended up not needing but to stop smoking…it was worth every penny they got for those vitamins. I tried to stop smoking most of my life without any success for more than a few days even with the patch. So if I gave these people some of my hard earned money, they deserve it. They saved my life and the key to the whole thing is that “I LET THEM” because I wanted to change. You cannot be successful at anything if you don’t believe in it 100 percent. Thank you Gorayeb Seminars! Thank you! By the way, I donated the vitamins to someone I know who was trying to quit. It was nice to be able to have them in order to do something nice for someone else. Remember, just believe you can do it!


  • 13
    Cheri Wallace

    I came across this site inadvertently after attending a weight loss seminar 4 days ago at a friends urging. I was skeptical but hopeful. I’m already losing weight & feel very good about this plan. I chose to buy the supplements because I didn’t want to take the time to research the “best” bargain to begin (which for me is an excuse why I couldn’t get started…). The information is easy to follow. The CD’s were also available for purchase by themselves. I really like the positive reinforcement the self hypnosis brings. I don’t have a sense of “buyer’s remorse” because it’s working. I’m eliminating most bad carbs. & sugars, beginning to exercise and have more energy. It truly is a mindset & desire to change. These folks offer a helpful way to do something difficult: lose weight. They also have to make a living. I chose to purchase additional items I could have (& was advised) bought elsewhere. I’m glad they made it easy for me. Weight loss isn’t easy. Anything that realistically helps me reach my goal of being healthier is okay by me. Only regret I have is that I didn’t go sooner. Good luck as you go on your own journey.


  • 14
    Lynn Homer

    I attended a stop-smoking seminar 9 yrs ago and quit smoking that evening and have never wanted one since. I smmoked a pack a day for 24yrs at that time! I went to a weight loss seminar night before last and am experiencing a loss of “wanting” certain foods that I have craved most of my life and know that this program will work for me as well because of my mind set and the desire to want to change. Thats 80% of any program. Thanks to Gorayeb Seminars they have and continue to change my life for the better!


  • 15
    Charles Grigorian

    Attended Gorayeb session long ago. Have hypnosis tape. Do they sell thus tape in CD format.


  • 16
    Judy Fuller

    I attended a seminar for weight loss on April 7. I also purchased the recommended supplements and the CD set. I have followed the program…listening to the CD every day for the first month. During the second month I listened 4 days a week. This month I am listening 3 days a week. After 11 weeks I have lost 25 pounds. I am walking every day and I feel better than I have in a long time. I’m sticking with the program until I reach my goal weight.


  • 17

    My boyfriend and I attended a seminar in October, 2009. He wanted to lose 100 lbs, and I wanted to lose 10 lbs. The ad in a local magazine said we could get a “free gift” if we brought the ad with us. The gift was a CD containing 3 separate hypnosis sessions, each about 20 minutes long. We were instructed to listen to one of these sessions for the next 28 days. As mentioned by the others, our hypnotist pitched vitamins and colon cleansers that could only be bought on the spot and were NOT available online or in stores. That alone seemed suspect, and we didn’t buy those items, although about 1/3 of the attendees did. As for our results, my boyfriend has lost 40 lbs, and I have lost 13 lbs. We continue to listen to the CD whenever we feel the need. Without that, we’re both convinced that a one-time session would have been ineffective. As it turns out, there is another Gorayeb session in our area tonight, and we are attending free of charge just by bringing our booklets as proof or prior payment. I compare this seminar to other training seminars I’ve attended. There is a low price to get in the door, and there is potentially some value in the speaker’s content. There is also some sort of product pitch, and for Gorayeb it’s the vitamins and colon cleansers. As to whether changing our thoughts can ultimately change our weight, I believe it can, just not in a one-time session, and not by reading the hypnosis script yourself while trying to relax at the same time. The CD is the key. I see it as passive, positive reinforcement that can effectively counteract the negative messages most of us have when it comes to losing weight.


  • 18

    I too have tried to contact the company to inform them I was not paying the second payment (they had split the payment of almost $400 in two months) of the diet supplement pills and I would
    return them as it is a scam. No one ever returned the call and, of course, they put through the charge which is now in dispute with credit card company. They make you feel as though the pills will help you lose weight and it is a scam and they should be stopped.


  • 19
    R. Grunewald

    I have been biting my nails for over 40 years. I do want to stop, knowing they will probably never look as nice as if I never bit them. Can you help me? A friend of mine looks/feels great after losing weightthrouh your system. Thanks for the reply – RG


  • 20
    Mae Johnson

    I have been trying to email to request a refund, but always get a full mailbox message and it gets returned to me. My doctor would not approve the supplements required other than the Mega Woman vitamins. I therefore would like a refund due to the fact that the program is not working for me without all the appetite suppressants in the supplements. I also am not doing well because sitting in a room with the lights on and reading the informations does nothing for me. I need a CD with the soft music and someone reading the information and to be in a room with soft or no lights at all. The CD’s are only offered as part of the supplement package. Also the ad was misleading and never mentions any supplements as part of the program. Please refund my money promptly. I will be contacting my credit card company to dispute the charges as well. Thank you for your help in this matter.
    Mae Johnson
    12 Farm Lane
    Port Penn, DE 19731