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Gordonilex is a patented version of the ingredient Hoodia Gordonii, an herb that originates in regions of Africa and has been touted for its ability to suppress the appetite. There is no doubt that hunger is one of the biggest hurdles dieters have to overcome when losing weight. However, suppressing the appetite can be easier said than done, without an effective ingredient in a weight loss supplement to help the process along. While we agree that appetite suppression is a key in an effective weight loss formula, we remain skeptical about using Gordonilex for this purpose for a number of reasons.

Hoodia Gordonii is a cactus-like plant that grows in desert regions of Africa. It has been discovered that the natives of this area would nibble on the plant to keep hunger at bay when they were out on long hunting expeditions. Media coverage and research here in the US appears to confirm what African natives have known for centuries; Hoodia Gordonii can suppress the appetite. It only stands to reason that Hoodia will be an effective ingredient in weight loss supplements. However, there are a few facts about this herb that continue to trouble us when it comes to using Hoodia or Gordonilex in a weight loss supplement. For example, while this ingredient shows promise in some clinical studies, it is not quite ready to assume the role as the ultimate appetite suppressant. We also prefer to see appetite suppressants combined with thermogenic fat burners for best results.


Gordonilex is composed of a concentrated form of Hoodia’s active ingredient, known as P57. The substance promises the effectiveness of standard Hoodia times 20 for the most potent dose of the herb in appetite suppression. By using Gordonilex, users can rest assured that they are getting a hefty authentic helping of Hoodia with every serving, unlike other products containing this ingredient that may or may not be from the real Hoodia containing P57.

Product Features

Gordonilex is an ingredient that one can look for in diet supplements. We also recommend that consumers look for product features like a money back guarantee and free trial offers that allow them to try new products risk free.

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  • Gordonilex is a pure, concentrated form of Hoodia Gordonii.
  • Hoodia has been shown in some clinical studies to effectively suppress appetite.


  • Gordonilex is not a miracle weight loss ingredient by itself.
  • Supplements that combine an appetite suppressant with a proven fat burner are more effective.
  • This concentrated form of Hoodia may cost more than other supplements.


We are pleased to see that Gordonilex offers consumers the chance to purchase products with pure, concentrated Hoodia Gordonii. This substance has been shown in some clinical trials to effectively suppress appetite and aid in weight loss programs. However, we prefer to see products that combine an effective appetite suppressant with proven fat burners for best results.

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