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Sophie Uliano, author of Gorgeously Green: 8 Steps to Living an Earth Friendly Life has released a diet counterpart to her book, called Gorgeously Green: How to Live Lean and Green. In this book, she talks about how people can save money, lose weight, and protect the planet all at the same time. She states that unless the food is “gorgeously green” it is likely packed with toxins and greatly lacking in vitamins and nutrients, which will cause obesity. Her book is based on an organic food diet.

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The main idea of this book is that you should be choosing your foods based on their overall quality instead of focusing on how much fat is in it or how many carbohydrates it may have. People should also take time to look beyond how convenient a food is and consider not only what it could mean for your health, but what the packaging and other materials could mean for the environment. There are three different programs provided in the book: beginner, intermediate and advanced, to allow you to choose the one you are most comfortable with, and to choose the pace at which you move yourself up from one to the next. In each plan, the author provides a week long meal plan. She advocates using organic as much as you can, saying the meals are as cheap as $5 each to make. Whenever possible, she says that you should also buy in-season produce, and buy locally. Beyond diet and weight loss, she also talks about how you can recycle, and how you can make your own skin care products to save money and help the planet, too. She recommends at least half an hour of intense exercise every day, and if you want to follow the fitness plan, you need to have a resistance band and hand weights.

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  • This book helps people who are new to eating organic.
  • This book includes tips and advice to help you save money when buying organic.
  • This book has exercise plans.


  • This book is not targeted specifically at helping people lose weight.
  • This book seems to be written primarily with a female audience in mind.
  • Purchasing organic ingredients is more expensive than non-organic.
  • There is no nutrition information included with the recipes.
  • Some ingredients in the homemade beauty products may be toxic.


This book is an ideal educational choice for women who want to get healthy and change to an organic lifestyle, but for people who want to lose weight, this is not the best choice. We recommend a balanced diet, regular exercise, and a proven weight loss supplement.

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