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What You Should Know

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Every day, we are faced with a plethora of options when it comes to different fitness programs, all claiming to be the program for us to help us lose those extra pounds. Listening to these programs is a very simple way to figure out which program out of the bunch is possibly the best match for you. The differences are subtle, but if you listen carefully you might be able to select the program which will fit your needs.

Goseplrobics, a televised exercise program based in Washington, DC, claims to address fitness for the mind, the body, and the spirit, all to the tune of good gospel music. If you enjoy and appreciate good Gospel music, this program might be a good option for you. Otherwise, change the channel and look for a better option.

Program Features

Gospelrobics appears to offer a wide variety of workouts. A list of shows from a single broadcast season shows fitness routines ranging from Boot Camp Training to Stepping, Kickboxing, and even Afro-Brazilian Aerobics. This level of variety, accompanied by pleasing music, is more likely to keep an individual interested. A bored participant is much more likely to change the channel. Still, this program is just an in-home workout program on television. The opportunities to not work out to the level necessary to see results are all over the place, and something else is just a click away on the remote. It is still a good, viable option for those passionate about Gospel Music and committed to the program’s recommendations about dieting.

In addition to the various exercise routines, Gospelrobics provides cooking tips, recipes, and fitness education. Information does indicate that this program has been cancelled, but those who are interested should check the programs website, Gospelrobics.com, for more information. If you live in the Washington, DC metro area, viewing appears to be free on WHUT.

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  • Addresses body, mind and spirit-a holistic workout.
  • Provides variety of exercise styles.


  • Available in limited area of Washington DC.
  • May be canceled or discontinues.
  • Still just an in-home workout.


This program is not for everyone. For those interested in the benefits of televised workouts and in-home exercise programs, Gospelrobics may be a good option for you. There is great variety in the exercises performed and the music played, but a preference for gospel is necessary. If this sounds like it would fit you, combine Gospelrobics with a healthy diet, lots of water drinking, and a natural supplement which suppresses appetite and helps you burn excess fat. Gospelrobics is high energy regular exercise than can get you off the couch and moving, body, mind and soul. However, if you do not care for Gospel music, try to find a better option that is going to get you moving.

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