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The Gout Diet is a medically approved diet that may reduce the symptoms of Gout, a painful condition where uric acid causes the extremities to become tender and makes functioning painful to the touch. Several reputable organizations, including the Minnesota-based Mayo Clinic, recommends Gout sufferers to try a Gout Diet as a means of reducing the inflammation and pain and studies show it may reduce the uric acid levels in the extremities. Unfortunately, it is very restrictive and many sufferers will need to give up most meat products, including most fish and organ meats such as livers or brains. It is also not shown to help sufferers lose weight, although it is recommended overweight individuals lose weight in order to ease the stress on the extremities.

When a prescription pill is typically not prescribed by a physician, a Gout Diet may be prescribed to help ease symptoms. In most circumstances, it did help lower the uric acid levels in the extremities, but the rigidity of the diet left many to seek a supplement instead. For those suffering from Gout, however, seeking a natural aid to lower symptom risk may be ideal for those on a strict budget.


This diet prescribes dieters to avoid foods that stimulate uric acid production, including most fish, sweet bread, “organ meats”, alcohol, and gravy.

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People suffering from Gout normally take medication to correct the symptoms, but in some cases a diet is prescribed instead. The Gout Diet does not claim to completely eradicate Gout itself, but to help eliminate the acid that contributes to those symptoms, uric acid. Certain foods contribute more uric acid to the extremities, and by eliminating these foods from the diet, it is hypothesized it will ease the symptoms of the illness. In most cases eliminating foods that contributed to Gout symptoms did help eliminate some of the pain.

The Gout Diet prescribes dieters to eat a healthy diet and avoid foods that contribute to uric acid production, which include most organ meats, fish, sweet breads, and gravy. Dieters are also recommended to lose weight if they are overweight, as this may worsen the pain associated with Gout. The diet also recommends drinking at least eight glasses of water per day and getting plenty of exercise. New studies show consuming low-diet dairy products also lessen the symptoms, although it is not clear why. The Gout Diet is only recommended for those actually suffering from Gout, however, as there is no evidence it may provide any other benefits.

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  • Is clinically proven to lessen symptoms associated with Gout.
  • Prescribes dieters to eat nutrient-rich foods and is easy to follow.


  • Dieters must avoid most meats, including fish and organ meats.
  • Only intended for those suffering from Gout and does not promote weight loss.
  • Is recommended to be completed under physician’s supervision.


The Gout Diet is shown to help ease symptoms related to Gout, but contains very little dietary benefits for regular dieters. If you are interested in the Gout Diet, it is best to speak with a physician about any concerns and risk, along with how this diet will affect your Gout symptoms.

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