Grapefruit & Apple Cider Vinegar Diet Combo Capsules Review

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Grapefruits and apple cider have been known and clinically proven to be two of the best catalysts for weight loss. Now both of these two items can be found together in one capsule, which is MagniLife’s product, Grapefruit & Apple Cider Vinegar Combo Diet Capsules. This product is able to suppress appetite cravings for sweet and salty foods, as well as reduce cholesterol and blood pressure all at the same time. The Grapefruit & Apple Cider Vinegar Combo Diet Capsules also contain Hoodia, which is a proven appetite suppressant, by reducing your appetite by at least 40%. There is a green tea extract in the capsules as well, which is proven to increase body metabolism and overall stamina by up to 43%.


Green tea is included in the capsules, which increases body metabolism by up to 43% and also increases fat burning. The grapefruit extract is a stimulant for weight loss, and also allows the body to improve blood lipids, blood pressure, and maintain an overall well-being. Apple cider vinegar is the acting appetite suppressant, allowing the user to feel full without overeating. Hoodia Gordonii is also another appetite suppressant, and suppresses the appetite anywhere from 40 to 60 percent. There is an herbal complex included consisting of oat bran fiber, beet root, couch grass, buchu leaves, uva ursi leaves, croscarmellose sodium, juniper berries, citrus pectin, hydrangea root, corn silk, and apple pectin. This herbal complex also aids with rapid fat burning, appetite suppressing, and cholesterol control. Other minor ingredients include: caffeine, stearic acid, calcium phosphate, and magnesium stearate.

Product Features

The Grapefruit & Apple Cider Vinegar Combo Diet Capsules are a remedy for weight loss by suppressing your appetite, leaving you with a feeling of being full so you don’t overeat. Grapefruits by themselves are full of potassium and fiber, which leaves you feeling full, not to mention you could obtain your entire daily dose of Vitamin C from just one grapefruit. The potassium in grapefruits helps to keep your body flushed of fluids, whereas sodium causes your body to retain water. Apple cider vinegar has several benefits, especially the fact that it can help with obesity. Not only does it suppress your appetite, but if a one or two spoonfuls are taken a day regularly it will erase cravings for certain salty or sweet foods. Apple cider vinegar also improves cell respiration, which overall stimulates the body’s energy levels. Together, these two items are effective in weight loss.

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  • Reduces appetite – allows you to feel fuller, longer.
  • Contains mostly natural ingredients.
  • Grapefruit and apple cider vinegar contain several benefits.
  • Customer testimonials on website, as well as a 90-day money back guarantee.


  • Not clinically proven.
  • Not FDA approved.
  • Does not say anything about maintaining a diet including exercise.


The Grapefruit & Apple Cider Vinegar Diet Combo Capsules are a safe and easy way to lose weight. Both ingredients have several benefits and when used together have yielded many results to customers. However, any weight loss goal must be met with exercise and healthy eating habits.

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