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Great Plains Bentonite is a detoxification supplement that contains high doses of bentonite. Bentonite is a natural clay mineral which is made from volcanic ash deposits that form over millions of years. The Great Plains region of the United States is known to have some of the biggest and highest quality deposits of bentonite. Bentonite is composed of microscopic clay platelets that when placed into water, forms a building block structure. Great Plains Bentonite was created in order to use bentonite to promote a healthier lifestyle and maintain your overall well-being. Bentonite is known to stimulate the digestive tract, and the binding of the herbicides allows for viruses and any other harmful body substances to be quickly absorbed due to the strong structure of the bentonite.


Purified bentonite GP Premium Grade U.S.P-NF Hydrated with filtered water

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Bentonite performs in the body by essentially binding any toxins and harmful substances together which prevents them from being released into the bloodstream or digestive system. These bound toxins are then released from the body through bowel movements. Since the bentonite has a solid structure when bound together, it is a positive detoxification process that has benefits when taken in moderation. Several different studies have proven that the maximum binding and release of toxins happens only when the naturally occurring sodium ion form of bentonite is ingested into the body. Each tablespoon serving of Great Plains Bentonite covers up to 960 square yards of surface area, and a quart bottle can yield over 12 football fields worth of surface area. Bentonite comes in several different forms and is mainly used for industrial purposes. Yerba Prima uses USP/NF pharmaceutical grade bentonite that undergoes a four-step purification process, which leaves the bentonite in its purest form when all is said and done. You also can see that it is in its purest form when seen in the actual bottle, as it becomes a thick substance when sitting in the bottle untouched. The instructions say to shake well in order to make sure you activate the bentonite.

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  • Safe detox system when used in moderation.
  • Affordable price – approximately $10 per bottle.
  • The only ingredient is naturally occurring bentonite – no other added ingredients.


  • No user testimonials.
  • No money-back guarantee offered.
  • Does not list any side effects on website.


Bentonite is a naturally occurring mineral that has been around for millions of years, but only in recent years have proved to be a breakthrough in healthcare. When used in moderation, bentonite provides a safe detoxification process that can rid your body of virtually any toxins or harmful substances due to the strong binding of the bentonite particles. Great Plains Bentonite is found for a reasonable price of $10 in several vitamin and health stores.

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    Janice Pier

    What makes Bentonite selective in binding only toxins to itself for removal from the intestines? How do we know it does not bind and remove valuable nutrients as well?