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Controlled Labs formulates unique bodybuilding supplements each with a different color in the name. Green Bulge is a creatine supplement aimed at increase muscle volume. Many bodybuilders may equate Green Bulge to looking like the Incredible Hulk, which we believe is the reason the color green was used for this supplement. Despite the inference to the fact that the bodybuilder will look like a beefed up comic character, will the ingredients offer a volumizing boost?

List of Ingredients

Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12.

HyperCre Complex: Magnesium Creatine Chelate, 2CM Dicreatine Malate.

HyperBulge Complex: Curcumin, Gymnema Sylvestre, Orotic Acid, L-Norvaline, K-RALA.

Product Features

Creatine is a common ingredient in bodybuilding supplements. For the common dieter, creatine may cause an unwanted side effect – water retention. Creatine causes water to be stored in muscles thus hydrating the muscle. For the bodybuilder this is a desirable reaction, but dieters are not hitting the gym for hours on end so they have no need to hold onto this water. Water retention will cause weight gain. The HyperCre Complex is made up of two forms of creatine.

Curcumin is the first ingredient in the HyperBulge Complex. Curcumin is related to turmeric, an Indian spice belonging to the same family as ginger. Curcumin is on the hot seat right now with various human studies ongoing. The natural ingredient is being tested for its potential benefits in treating colon cancer, psoriasis and pancreatic cancer. It is also mentioned that Curcumin may have some effect on mood – decreasing depression symptoms. We could find no link with bodybuilding or weight loss.

Orotic Acid is least interesting ingredient in Green Bulge. It contains orotates which may increase the absorption rates of other ingredients. The theory behind L-Norvaline is that it eventually converts to nitric oxide in the body. This could help increase muscle gains and muscle mass, but we could find no human studies supporting the theory of conversion.

K-RALA is just a cool name for R-Lipoic Acid. This ingredient is supposed to increase energy, help the user concentrate and increase exercise performance. While these claims are easy to find, there are no supporting studies as is the case with many of the ingredients in Green Bulge.

Green Bulge sells for $49.99 on the Controlled Labs website, but only $25.98 on other vitamin websites. We cannot figure out why there is such a huge price difference, but both products seem to be the exact same supplement.

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  • Creatine is a trusted bodybuilding ingredient.


  • This product is for bodybuilding not weight loss.
  • Creatine may cause water retention.
  • The ingredient list lacks clinical support.
  • Prices vary wildly.


Green Bulge is nothing more than a creatine supplement with a few extra ingredients that offer no muscle building support.

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