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Green Coffee Bean Max claims to be a weight loss supplement, but there is only one ingredient in the formula and that ingredient is not clinically proven to have weight loss benefits. There are studies out there claiming weight loss after a small number of dieters take green coffee bean extract, but a 2010 review of these studies points out the small study pool and lax procedures followed when the studies were completed. There have been clinical studies into the benefits of green coffee bean extract on reducing high blood pressure, which means the supplement is worth a try (with physician approval) if you have high blood pressure.

The Green Coffee Bean Max website is a little hard to find because the supplement is associated with an affiliate program and a large one at that. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of affiliates trying to sell the supplement to dieters to earn money. This means the websites you find claiming weight loss benefits are likely doing do just to make money.

List of Ingredients


  • Green Coffee Bean Extract

Product Features

We found one website that mentioned the formula for Green Coffee Bean Max contains 800 mg of green coffee bean extract supplying 50% chlorogenic acid. That means one serving of the supplement supplies 400 mg of the acid. Clinical studies we found supplied less than 200 mg per day with positive results for lowering blood pressure.

We did find a very small study that claimed coffee infused with chlorogenic acid reduced glucose absorption, but there was no mention of how much glucose, coffee or chlorogenic acid was consumed. A second study of 30 overweight individuals came to the same result, but again no real information was provided about the study parameters.

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  • Green coffee bean extract may help lower blood pressure.
  • There is more than enough chlorogenic acid in Green Coffee Bean Max.
  • The supplement costs about $40 per one-month supply.


  • No long-term, large-scale clinical studies could be found on weight loss benefits associated with chlorogenic acid.
  • The supplement is marketed by many affiliates.
  • The official website does not openly list ingredients or provide a picture of the product label.


Green Coffee Bean Max could be a fantastic supplement, but there are few facts on the official website and no clinical links to studies proving the supplement actually works. There are studies available, but none proven green coffee bean extract is going to be the end-all of weight loss supplements.

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