Green Coffee For Slimmers Review

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What You Should Know

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Green Coffee for Slimmers claims to be a weight loss supplement in coffee form. The supplement is sold in sachets or bags similar to tea bags. There is coffee in the bag along with some other ingredients that change the supplement from one we could support to one we want to warn dieters about. Whenever you see a product with a vague description, misspelled words and claims with no clinical backing, you can be certain the supplement is not going to work as claimed. The same ingredients found in Green Coffee for Slimmers are also found in multiple coffee slimming products out of China. There has been some skepticism about taking herbal diet products from China due to some reports of undeclared prescription ingredients and unknown ingredient that may be dangerous.

List of Ingredients


  • Certified Organic Coffee Arabica Extract
  • Chlorogenic Acid
  • Green Coffee Extract
  • Lingzhi
  • Ganoderma Rosa Powder
  • Semen Cassia Torae
  • Dietary Fiber

Product Features

Certified organic coffee is the first ingredient in Green Coffee for Slimmers. This ingredient is common in coffee slimming products, but the fact that it is organic is not relevant because the other ingredients in the supplement are not organic.

Chlorogenic acid is next on the list. This is an acid found in coffee. We assume the company was just listing the fact that the coffee supplied the acid.

Green coffee extract is a big fat burner out there today. The antioxidant benefits of green coffee far outweigh the weight loss benefits.

Lingzhi is an extract of a Chinese mushroom. It is used in a long list of Chinese weight loss products, but there is no clinical support listed for the extract and we are not sure there are any real health benefits to taking Lingzhi. Plus, there is no mention of how much of the ingredient is included.

Semen cassia torae is an unknown ingredient – but we think it may have something to do with a laxative ingredient commonly used in Chinese herbal supplements.

Dietary fiber is the final ingredient on the list. Fiber is a bulk-forming laxative that binds to waste and helps the dieter increase waste output. Increasing fiber intake is important to colon health, but it will not have a huge impact on weight loss.

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  • Contains caffeine.
  • Caffeine is proven to boost metabolism.
  • May increase metabolism.


  • Some of the ingredients are vague.
  • None of the ingredient amounts are listed.


Green Coffee for Slimmers is not a supplement we would suggest dieters use for weight loss. We tend to steer clear of sachet supplements, because the amount of each ingredient consumed is really dependent on the temperature of the water and the steeping time.

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