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Green Coffee Gold is a green coffee bean extract weight loss supplement with quite the informative product description. The description goes into great detail about the benefits of Svetol, the name brand extract used as the sole ingredient in the formula. According to Green Coffee Gold, Svetol is proven to boost weight loss, but the company doesn’t list any of the studies referenced. We found the official website for Svetol, but no links to published studies were available there either. Svetol may be the most well-known brand of green coffee bean extract, but if there is clinical support why aren’t the companies selling the product offering links to those studies?

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  • Svetol Green Coffee Extract

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Green Coffee Gold is one of the few products we’ve reviewed with such a detailed product description, but the information provided in the description is not necessarily honest and trustworthy. There is mention of a large-scale clinical study supporting weight loss claims associated with Svetol, the sole ingredient in Green Coffee Gold. When we visited the Svetol website there was mention of a French study with 50 participants, far from large-scale. The study was funded by Naturex, the company behind Svetol. Typically, when a company funds research that directly relates to a company product the study is considered invalid because there is monetary interest in the outcome of the study.

We searched for other studies into the weight loss benefits of Svetol to no avail. We did find two studies listed on the United States government site PubMed, but one study was on brain energy and the other on glucose inhibition. If there is a study on weight loss it has not been reported to PubMed.

No matter how many studies are performed it is the effect a supplement has on dieters that sells the product. Unfortunately for Green Coffee Gold there are no testimonials or before and after pictures listed in the lengthy product description. If Green Coffee Gold is the premier green coffee bean supplement and Svetol is clinically proven to boost weight loss, where are the testimonials?

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  • Ingredients in Green Coffee Gold are listed online.
  • There are clinically proven health benefits associated with Svetol.


  • No testimonials are available to support weight loss claims.
  • The official Svetol website does not list links to any clinical studies.
  • Weight loss studies on Svetol are not available on PubMed or other sites.


You can scream from the rooftops that Green Coffee Gold and Svetol are the best weight loss products on the market, but without proof via testimonials and before and after pictures, no dieter is going to trust the product.

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