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Green for Life is a diet book written by Victoria Boutenko. It is a book that teaches dieters how to eat more fruits and vegetables without having to make such a big deal and bringing negativity about it. It comes from her family’s quest to get healthier and stop having so many health problems. The family website that was created to market the book and the raw food lifestyle is extremely professional and has a wonderful look to it.

List of Ingredients

This is not a diet supplement and therefore does not contain ingredients.

Product Features

Green For Life is full of information about how to include more fruits and vegetables in your diet without having to feel like you are eating vegetables without having to eat salad all day every day. The book shows you how to create “green” smoothies that include all the goodness of vegetables but have the sweet taste of fruit. The book also provides information about how eating greens affects the acidity of the body and reduces the amount of ailments to improve health overall. There is also plenty of information about how health and an all raw foods diet works to help the body.

The book may be purchased directly from the family website, for $14.95 plus shipping and handling. For those who wish to purchase three or more copies of the book, the price will go down. sells the book for $13.18 plus shipping and handling, though it does qualify for free super saver shipping on orders over $25.

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  • Cost effective solution.
  • Promotes overall health using a solution that has been scientifically proven and has real results.


  • Book will not provide immediate results.
  • Lifestyle changes will need to be made in order for the information from the book to be effective.


The Green for Life book is definitely worth the investment. For those who have trouble eating vegetables, using the variety of green smoothie recipes from the book will help ensure proper nutritional intake. The Boutenko Family has taken this approach and eliminated all cooked food from their diet. This approach is considered extreme by many, but is very healthy for the body. People who wish to use this book to improve their health and lifestyle must first understand that it will take hard work and dedication, but that it will definitely pay off in the end. However, the Green for Life approach is only part of the equation because plenty of water and good exercise should also be included in order to lose weight and be healthy. If you do not believe you can stick to this plan for life, you should find a plan that includes healthy foods and options you do believe you can stick to.

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