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What You Should Know

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Green Lean Body Capsule is an Asian weight loss product sold in the United States, and potentially other countries. The official website includes a link for the ingredients, but the link does not work. We find that a bit disheartening as the supplement makes big claims of improved weight loss but lists none of the ingredients. We did find an ingredient list from an outside source. The outside ingredient list could be missing some ingredients.

List of Ingredients

Koncing Nut, Garcinia Cambogia, Apple, Kiwi Fruit, Konjaku Extract, Jerusalem Artichoke, Sweet Potato Cellulose and Saponine Extract.

Product Features

Koncing nut is the topic of many Internet discussions. We found some evidence that the ingredient could be a source of synephrine. Synephrine is a fat burner commonly associated with Ephedra, though it is not as effective as Ephedra. There are other references to koncing nut being the nuts in a pomegranate fruit. These have no fat burning benefits.

Garcinia cambogia claims to boost metabolism and increase weight loss. There are some products containing garcinia cambogia linked to liver damage so experts are testing this ingredient for potential health risks. Konjaku Extract could be konjac or glucomannan. Glucomannan is a fiber-based ingredient that suppresses the appetite when taken before a meal.

Saponine extract is found in several plants. This ingredient is thought to have anti-inflammatory properties but we could not find a direct link to weight loss or metabolism.

Potential side effects associated with Green Lean Body Capsule may include dry mouth, fat loss, loss of appetite and trouble sleeping, as listed on the official website.

The link to buy Green Lean Body Capsule from the official website leads to a link website that does not sell any products. Another link leads to a list of products available on but none of the products is Green Lean Body Capsule.

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  • Ingredients are listed on the official website.


  • No proven weight loss ingredients.
  • Some ingredients may be dangerous.
  • No link to a retail website selling the supplement.
  • Ingredient link is broken.


Green Lean Body Capsule is not formulated with proven weight loss ingredients. Some of the ingredients are associated with potential health risks and others have ambiguous names with no real information on the official website or the Internet. We could not find a retailer selling Green Lean Body Capsule, but several sold a slimming product with a similar ingredient list. When it comes to losing weight with a natural supplement, it is important the dieter find a company willing to reveal all ingredients and testimonials from dieters who have lost weight taking the product. Green Lean Body Capsule does neither of these things so dieters should beware.

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10 User Reviews about Green Lean Body Capsule

  • 1

    Kan i the product , testen.


  • 2
    pamela woodland

    can you fail a urine drug test taking Green lean body capsule?


  • 3

    Hmmm. Is it me or everyone sounds the same? Lol.


  • 4

    Hi, i am glad to read the up review, i started to using in it from days ago. Because i felt that my sleeping is not right, i search by net and found the problem from it, but i am not sad coz as i read within two weeks it will back normal, and i am happy if i will get start loss weight, i am following Protein Diet from month and one week now I am taking the Green Lean Body Capsule with diet.

    Thank you for your encouragement.


  • 5

    what are the side effects


  • 6

    It’s now 2 weeks of using the capsule, lost 7kg already, everyone talks about the dry mouth, but don’t realise that in any diet, if you drink the required amount of water, you won’t feel the dry mouth. I love these capsules and I won’t mind drinking it just to keep my body healthy! I feel just great.


  • 7

    I took these pills about 2 years ago and I lost 30lbs in 10 weeks and I loves it..I just started taking them again and hopefully I loose more this time


  • 8

    I took the green lean capsule for 6 months i lost 100 pound and plan to start again to loose another 100 pounds oh yea and i dint gain the wieght back iam verry pleased with this product infact several family members stated to take it too.



    I have been taking the pills 2weeks ago but I didn’t loss any weight I don’t know why and what should I do can u please help me


  • 9

    I have been taking these pills for around 5 months now and have lost 14kg I do get a dry mouth and I can hardly eat on them. I’m worried now though I might be doing damage to my body but don’t want to stop and put all that weight back on?