Green Tea Detox Foot Pad Review

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Kenrico has an extensive line of detox foot pads, which includes the Green Tea Cci EGCG Patch. These detox foot pads have been clinically proven to increase alpha brain waves when worn, as well as improvement in high cholesterol and excess triglycerides. The detox pads are a derivative of reflexology, and can help to maintain an overall well-being. The detox pad is used during sleep in order to gain the full effect. It works by heating the sole of the foot which produces a natural reaction of sweating. It then rids all heavy metal sand toxins that build up in the body that can lead to more harmful effects. These pads have been proven to be as effective as reflexology, but cost only a fraction of an office visit.


The Green Tea detox foot pad contains nine main ingredients which are the key factors in the process. Wood vinegar is proven to improve and increase blood circulation, which can relieve headaches, blood pressure, and fatigue. Bamboo extract is most abundant in this type of foot pad, which has the same effects as the wood vinegar, but at a doubled rate. It is quite rare, and is much more expensive to use. Loquat leaves are able to increase the stimulation of body fluids and also are linked to prevent coughing, nausea, and vomiting. Dextrin is a starch product that is used for filler, but essentially binds all of the other ingredients together. Green Tea EGCG extract is known to prevent cancerous cells from forming, and fight against anti-inflammatory problems, not to mention it is also a catalyst for weight loss by increasing body metabolism. Dokudami is an ingredient derived straight from Japan and acts as an absorbing ingredient. Vitamin C increases HDL (high density lipoprotein) production, lowers blood sugar and insulin, regulates cholesterol and triglyceride production, and prevents blood clots. Tourmaline acts like a body cleanse, eliminating toxins, and the last ingredient is vegetable fiber which acts as filler.

Product Features

The Green Tea detox food pad is among several different types of pads produced by Kenrico. It is recommended for you to use the specific green tea pad if you suffer from fatigue, anxiety, stress, PMS, blood pressure, low body immunity, learning disabilities, and any other body pain. The Green Tea pad contains EGCG which is known to fight against cancer as well as regulate bowels and increase body metabolism.

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  • All pads are very inexpensive – less than $2 per pad
  • Offers 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back.
  • Several different pads to choose from, depending on your needs.
  • Offers several testimonials and article reviews on website.


  • May not work for everyone.
  • Does not necessarily promote weight loss – it is made as a detox.


Kenrico’s detox foot pads have been highly praised and even featured in prestigious magazines such as Time, due to their alternative of reflexology. The pads are proven to improve overall health and well-being and come in a variety of types depending on your body’s needs.

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