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Many people suffer from low body metabolism and seek to find any kind of supplement or pill to help with this problem. Low metabolism can occur from living a sedimentary lifestyle, not eating the proper foods to maintain a healthy diet, and overall age. Green tea extract has been proven to increase body metabolism, burn fat, as well as act like an energy stimulant. Although green tea contains caffeine, it is a small dosage and the other ingredients overcome the caffeine and contain many more benefits. Researchers have found that in studies, a group of people experienced a 4% energy increase during the daytime within a 24-hour period was contributed to ingesting the green tea extract. Therefore, evidence provided that there was more thermogenesis (calorie burning) that contributes to 8-10% of overall daily energy.


The main ingredients found in green tea are: caffeine (typically called theine), tannin, theophylline, theobromine, fat, wax, saponins, essential oils, polyphenols, carotene, vitamin C, vitamins A, B1, B2, K, P,fluoride, iron, magnesium, calcium, strontium, copper, nickel, and zinc. There are other additional ingredients such as traces of molybdenum and phosphorus and could contain up to 300 extra substances.

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Green tea has been used in China for centuries as a medicine to treat symptoms such as headaches, digestive problems and is looked upon to promote better life expectancy. An important benefit of green tea is that it helps fight off harmful substances in your body. Green tea also contains high doses of polyphenols and a generous amount of EGCG, which is a powerful antioxidant. EGCG protects against cancer as it blocks carcinogens from entering the body, as well as a catalyst in fighting against high cholesterol and respiratory problems. Green tea is used in many fat burners, as it is proven to help boost the body’s metabolism at a safe pace, as it works without increasing the heart rate which is found to be a harmful characteristic in many other fat burning supplements. Finally, green tea is also linked to prevent heart disease and liver failure.

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  • Helps to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • Ingredients help to fight against cancer, heart disease, and other serious problems.
  • Is a safe catalyst in weight loss as it does not increase the heart rate or contain any side effects.
  • Can be ingested in several different forms – actual tea, supplements, foods, etc.


  • Should not be ingested by pregnant or nursing women.
  • Should not be ingested by those who have high allergies.
  • Is sometimes linked to thyroid problems.


Green tea extract can be found in countless products available. There are several ways to take your daily dose of green tea, whether it is actual tea, or other supplements. It has been around for centuries and continues to be studied today for all of its positive benefits.

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    Does green tea extract lessen your appetite? Or make you not as hungry.


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    is the product safe to take, does it hv any side effects