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Green Tea FIT is an all natural weight loss supplement that utilizes green tea and Acai berry to market its ability to help you lose weight. As with many diet supplements on the market today, there is reason to be skeptical about how this one works. If you are trying to decide whether or not to buy this supplement to help you with your own weight loss journey, take a look at this review.

List of Ingredients

Green Tea FIT capsules contain a proprietary blend of the following natural ingredients: Green tea leaf extract, Guarana seed extract, Acai berry (from 4:1 extract).

Product Features

Green Tea FIT features ingredients we commonly see in many other supplements on the market. Green tea has been clinically proven to show weight loss through boosting the metabolism as a result of the natural caffeine and ECGC in the formula, however, we do not know how much of the green tea is used, so we cannot tell if it is being used in a clinically proven amount. Gaurana seed extract is a stimulant known to help increase energy and burn fat, but as such, may also produce unwanted side effects including: insomnia, jitters, headaches, and irritability. Acai berry extract is thought to have some of the antioxidant powers of the whole berry, but is generally considered not as effective as the whole fruit. Nothing about the super fruit has suggested it can help you lose weight, in terms of clinical studies.

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  • Green Tea FIT promotes the use of a diet and exercise program along with their supplement.
  • This product contains all natural ingredients.


  • Green Tea FIT has several different authorized resellers, all providing a sales pitch, rather than real information about the product and how it works.
  • There are several complaints about this product all over the Internet.
  • We do not know who the actual makers of the supplement are.
  • The use of a proprietary blend prohibits us from seeing if there is enough of each ingredient to effectively produce real results.
  • The use of acai berry has not been linked to weight loss.
  • The free trial of this supplement automatically enrolls you in an automatic shipment program others have had a difficult time canceling.


Green Tea FIT is not a supplement we recommend you try. There are too many negative things about this product to justify the expense or taking the chance on the product. While we agree you should use a weight loss supplement along with a diet and exercise program, we believe the supplement should be honest about how much of all the ingredients it includes, and should be clinically proven as a whole, rather than featuring “clinically proven ingredients.” If you decide to take the plunge on this product, do so with caution.

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10 User Reviews about Green Tea FIT

  • 1
    Belinda Darden

    I want to cancel automatic shipment of Green Tea FIT right away.please do not send another shipment. Thank You


  • 2
    cindy jarratt

    Ive yet to recieve a email to cancel and where to ship back before the end of trail period please send me info and dont send me any more ever tyhagd


  • 3
    David Neeley

    Ordered green tea fit please cancel order as it does not work!!


  • 4
    youngkuk ko

    you can fool someone one and sometimes and/or always. i know now who i am. God bless you Green Tea F I T!!!!!!


  • 5

    Lean Green coffee sent me an unwanted order of 4 bottles I did not complete the order when I saw the cost and asked for 1 bottle order the unethical people
    are are everywhere. I am cured of all internet purchases my advice is dont bother or get burnt. green coffee is bulldust. My Bank will attend to this and reposess the costs.Derek Marvelley


  • 6

    lean coffee my paid order is undelivered
    Over6weeks since order 11 December 2012
    I am mad as hell ,and I want this attended to Derek Marvelley


  • 7
    julia hunter

    I do not want any other shipments off this!


  • 8
    Lisa Gibb



  • 9
    Mark Cohen

    First, it made me sick – tried it twice, same result. Second, The “free” trial is only free until you cancel the automatic delivery subscription, then it’s $25 unless you return the unused portion. None of this is explained up front. The is a questionable product from a very skanky company.


  • 10
    Kathy Arnold

    I want to cancel automatic shipment of Green Tea FIT right away.please do not send another shipment. Thank You