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Green Tea HP Review - Does this Fat Burner Work? Are the MLM and taste deal breakers?

Editor's Review: 3.4 / 5.0
Green Tea HP Review

If you haven’t looked carefully at Green Tea HP, now’s your chance. We decided to conduct of our comprehensive reviews, looking closely at the ingredients, side effects, scientific research and customer service. Then, we scoured hundreds of experiences, to see just what users had to say. Afterward, we condensed and refined to give you the bottom line.

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What You Need to Know

First of all, Green Tea HP is available in a variety of formulas and flavors. The products are sold in bulk and cost around $80 at the time of this review and contain 60 servings. It contains acai, noni juice, pomegranate juice, resveratrol and a number of trace minerals. Each serving is intended to be mixed with 12 to 20 ounces of water and consumed twice a day, but can be used once if the customer wants.

Green Tea HP comes from GrenX, a company that claims their green tea blends are of much higher quality than other products available on the market today. We do not know when it was founded as this information is not readily available on the official website. We like that this one has a wide variety of flavors available, but read on…

MLM Company – “A Concern?”

The first thing we felt was important about Green Tea HP ingredients was that they are sold as part of an MLM design. It seems that the primary goal of this company is to get people to join to sell the product. They are marketing to try to get them to become distributors, but don’t provide any sort of background information on when the program began other than using the phrase “years ago.” “Preferred customer pricing provides a discount, but requires automatic shipment every month,” said our Research Editor.

”I dealt with a vendor in San Diego and wanted to get a refund of my credit card billing that was billed after I discontinued service with them. I got the run around from the distributor in San Diego and also their 800 number,” said one user.

Issues with Taste – “It’s Bad”

While many customer reviews speaks highly of the product, there are some complaints about the taste of the green tea. There are several different flavors to choose from, so the variety helps to ensure that you can at least find one that you like, but reports are not encouraging.

One user said, “I really can’t stand this product once i tried it , it tasted bad and i really don’t like any other green tea products you can drink because they taste awful to me.”

Our research indicates that if there’s part of a diet program that’s difficult, like the terrible taste, it is harder for users to continue using the product over the long term, which means no results. If Green Tea HP is not palatable, there’s a problem with it.

The Science – “Validated?”

Green tea itself has been studied for its benefits as a fat burner. While research has shown it is effective, the dose to get the result is pretty high. We don’t know if this drink provides enough of the active ingredient to see real results. The other parts of the formula have not been studied in depth for their ability to help with weight-loss.

The Bottom Line – Does Green Tea HP Work?

Should we hop in the saddle to race off for this one? We were looking forward to reviewing Green Tea HP because it seemed as though it could be different from the various other products on the market today. Because of the MLM approach to selling it and complaints about the taste, we are skeptical about suggesting this one to dieters. We’re also concerned we have to solid information on the company.

If you’d like to drop some weight, we recommend selecting a supplement that gives you safe and effective ingredients and no side effects. We also suggest going with companies that don’t follow an MLM scheme.

Among the best products we’ve seen in 2016 is one called Pronabolin. This supplement is made with a unique blend of multiple scientifically ingredients, all designed to help increase testosterone production and promote weight-loss. As we conducted our research, we could not find any negative talk of side effects, suggesting that users are seeing solid results.

The makers of Pronabolin are so confident in their product they’re giving new customers a multiple-bottle discount and a 120-day money-back guarantee, which we are happy to see.

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How Does Green Tea HP Compare?

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What You Should Know

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Green Tea HP is offered by GrenX, a company committed to teaching its members to become the healthiest they can be. The company appears to be just as focused on building a network of distributors as they are on selling their green tea products. The green tea formulas come in a variety of flavors and are touted for their many health benefits, in addition to weight loss. There are many clinical studies cited to show that drinking green tea products every day will help dieters achieve greater health, ward off a variety of diseases and drop excess pounds. The products appear to be sold in bulk only, and are rather expensive. For example, a box of 60 pixies in a variety of flavors costs almost $80 at the time of this review. Each pixie is to be mixed with 12-20 ounces of water and consumed before meals twice a day, but more can be drunk daily if the consumer prefers. According to the company website, this green tea blend is of higher quality than other green tea products because of the process that is used to prepare the tea leaves. This special process that GrenX uses guarantees a maximum amount of nutrients and health benefits goes into every glass of their tea formulas.


The key ingredients in the Original Green Tea HP include green tea, acai, noni juice, pomegranate juice, resveratrol and trace minerals.

Product Features

GrenX does not appear to offer any money back guarantee on their products. We believe this poses a greater risk to the consumer, especially when considering the high price tag of this product. We encourage consumers to look for free trial offers and money back guarantees that allow them to try before they buy. From the look of the formula, it appears that the product is primarily geared to the health benefits that can be received from consuming high levels of antioxidants. The only ingredient that seems to be directly related to weight loss is green tea, which can raise the metabolism and help dieters burn calories more efficiently. However, green tea is more effective when combined with other thermogenics, fat burners and appetite suppressants. This formula does not appear to contain any of the above.

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  • Green Tea HP contains a proven thermogenic, green tea.
  • The product comes in a variety of flavors.


  • Green Tea HP is expensive.
  • There are no other proven weight loss ingredients in the formula.
  • The company does not appear to offer a money back guarantee.
  • We were unable to find customer testimonials.


There is no doubt that green tea is a positive ingredient in a weight loss supplement. However, we prefer products that combine green tea with other proven fat burners and appetite suppressants for best results. Green Tea HP may simply not be potent enough to encourage significant weight loss results.

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  • 1

    Its work with me . I used this tea 4 years ago


  • 2
    Babak Sateri

    I love it and have been useing it every day for the last 5 years. I feel more energy and have lost weight. I drink an entire bottle 30 minutes before each and every meal.


  • 3
    Jan Fairbanks

    Does this product go bad. I have had it for 1 1/2 years?


    Karen (Editor)

    Hi Jan Most products expire up to a few months from when you bought it. Check the sell-by-date on the label.


  • 4

    I used this tea 5 yrs ago. I worked in a Child Development Center on base. Every one asked are you loosing weight. Those are the words I like to hear. I shared with my close Co workers about Green tea HP. Every time someone lost weight we enjoy telling each other. I’m drinking my first bottle again after 5 yrs because I know it works. The variety of Mocha or Cappuccino are the best taste.


  • 5
    Thomas Burton

    I had just begun using it for its antioxidant properties when I developed a blood clot below the knee and was confined to immobility for a period of time. I was surprised to see gradual weight loss even though I could not exercise or even walk. That was good enough for me, and I would have continued to use it regardless of its curbing my appetite.; One package a day for the last 6 years. I never miss after gradually losing 30 pounds. Tom


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