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Green tea has been touted for some time as a weight loss aid that can help many drop the extra pounds when mere diet and exercise are not sufficient. While preliminary results are promising, the evidence is far from conclusive that drinking green tea every day will help one meet weight loss goals. However, there has been some compelling information in these studies that may suggest that adding this ingredient to weight loss supplements, along with other proven substances, may indeed help dieters get the “edge” they need to shed excess weight.

Green tea can be taken in many forms, from drinking cups every day to taking an extract of the tea in a weight loss supplement. In addition to the weight loss benefits that this substance may offer, there are also antioxidants in green tea that can help the body fight the effects of free radicals. Free radicals are found in the environment – in pollution, cigarette smoke and the harmful rays of the sun. Antioxidants can counter the effects of the free radicals, preventing some diseases and slowing the aging process inside and outside the body.


There are two ingredients in green tea, caffeine and EGCG, which are thought to aid in the weight loss process. Both contribute to thermogenesis – the act of producing heat within the body’s internal system. The benefits of thermogenesis are twofold; first, the metabolism is boosted, allowing the body to burn calories more efficiently. The other advantage is that thermogenesis can raise energy levels. This can be good for the mind as well as the body, providing greater motivation to stick with a diet and exercise program.

Product Features

There are many types of products that will provide green tea as an ingredient. We would urge consumers to look for supplements that combine green tea with other proven thermogenic ingredients for the greatest value in their weight loss dollar. An appetite suppressant is another good substance to look for in combination with the green tea. In addition, we would encourage consumers to purchase products that come with a money back guarantee and free trial offers whenever possible, so that consumers can try the product risk free to see if it works for them.

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  • Green tea is considered a thermogenic that can boost metabolism and energy.
  • There are other healthy reasons to drink green tea or take a supplement every day.


  • Green tea alone may not be sufficient as a weight loss supplement.
  • The evidence is not conclusive in linking a cup of tea daily with weight loss.
  • Too much caffeine from green tea or other ingredients may produce side effects.


There appears to be little doubt that adding green tea extract to weight loss supplements can offer a benefit. Due to its thermogenic properties, this substance may rev up the metabolism and increase energy levels to aid in the weight loss process. However, we would encourage consumers to look for other proven ingredients combined with the green tea for best results.

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