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As Summer approaches losing weight becomes a top priority for men and women everywhere. A new weight loss formula called Green Tea Rx is an energy shot that contains the acclaimed plant and insists it will naturally and automatically cause a decrease in your weight. According to the website, it contains the perfect amount of energy to get you through the day.

The Green Tea Rx energy shot is available in packages of 12 for about $28 per box. It is high performance beverage that provides the natural benefits of green tea and vitamin B. The bottles contain 2 ounces of flavored drink mix that can be consumed in one shot.

List of Ingredients

This dietary supplement is made from a combination of pure green tea as well as necessary B-vitamins. Green Tea Rx’s sole ingredient is extracted from Camillia Sinensis, a plant whose leaves are responsible for its production. The high energy formula contains no preservatives or artificial flavors.

Product Features

The Green Tea Rx energy shot has the alleged ability to energize your body, wake up the brain, and make the individual feel great overall. The supplement claims it will increase your metabolism which will help your body more efficiently shed excess pounds. Additional benefits include improved concentration, enhanced immunity, and the ability to potentially extend life expectancy through increased overall health. The product prides itself on its ability to energize and cleanse.

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  • This dietary energy shot can be easily purchased in drug stores or on various websites for the low price of $28. .
  • When compared to the competitors, like 5 hour energy, their price is more affordable costing about $2.50 per bottle.
  • The beverage is small and does not need to be refrigerated making it a portable and convenient drink.
  • The active ingredient has been scientifically proven to provide health benefits through consumption.


  • This product does not have a credible website where the product can be purchased.
  • The website’s that do offer Green Tea Rx do not contain any reviews of the product for taste or how well it works.
  • Other websites warn Green Tea Rx is a waste of money, and discusses that competing products taste better and are more affordable when you include the cost of shipping and handling.


Green tea has long been associated with increased energy, weight loss, and an overall healthy well-being. Green Tea Rx combines green tea with vitamin B and creates a shot of a natural beverage that is infused with energy infused weight loss beverage.

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