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GreySheeters Anonymous was founded in 1996 and was designed for those who are suffering eating disorders such as compulsive overeating, emotional eating and eating because of boredom. It is based on a 12-step program much like Alcoholics Anonymous. GreySheeters Anonymous is a much more hardcore program than Overeaters Anonymous and should not be confused with other eating disorder step programs. The main focus of this 12-step program is abstinence. Those following the GreySheeters Anonymous program will learn to abstain from the foods that are making them fat and they will also learn how to deal with and overcome emotional triggers and anything else that may be a trigger that causes them to eat and overeat. Those who decide to use this program will have to attend meetings in which they will receive support from their peers and learn to address their individual issues with food.

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GreySheeters Anonymous incorporates the Cambridge GreySheet model and this defines a high-protein and no carbohydrate way of living. Those following this program will need to carry a small scale around so that they can measure and weigh their meals. Users will eat three carefully measured and weighed meals per day with no snacks, but they are allowed to drink diet sodas, tea and black coffee in between meals. Users are also encouraged to drink plenty of water and to seek assistance in developing a fitness routine.

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  • Support groups may help individuals understand why they have become addicted to food so that they can overcome the underlying problem and solve the issue from an emotional standpoint.
  • The 12-step structure that GreySheeters Anonymous is based upon is very firm.
  • This 12-step program does not offer customized meal plans, but it does offer much direction in developing a healthy diet.


  • GreySheeters Anonymous will only work for those that recognize that they need to change.
  • This support group may be fat too rigid for some people.
  • Not all people may be able to succeed with the 12-step model presented with GreySheeters Anonymous.
  • There are no supplements that may help to burn fat or suppress the appetite.
  • GreySheeters Anonymous will not help users develop individual exercise routines or diet plans.
  • Those involved in this 12-step program will most likely need to carry a small scale around so that they can weigh their food.


GreySheeters Anonymous doesn’t really stand out from the rest of the 12-step programs for eating disorders and weight loss available today. GreySheeters Anonymous may not be an ideal or effective weight loss program for everyone because there aren’t any proven appetite suppressing or fat burning supplements included and this program also doesn’t help individuals develop a personalized fitness routine or diet plan so those seeking a program with individualized diet and exercise routines as well as weight loss supplements with the ability to suppress the appetite and burn fat may want to research other programs that can provide all of these things. Users will need to assess their health and fitness goals and decide if GreySheeters Anonymous is right for them.

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13 User Reviews about GreySheeters Anonymous

  • 1

    Ineed a sponsor


  • 2

    I have 38 days of abstinence and I am so grateful. I realize that fat or thin, I have to take care of myself and be completely responsible for my life. Feeling my feelings is never fun but it is an absolute MUST for my abstinence.


  • 3

    All well and good, but what is the food plan for greysheeters anonymous?


  • 4
    Floyd B Robare

    please sigh me up for 6 Months


  • 5
    georgette lynch

    i am 66 yrs old and i have high blood pressure, would this still be a safe match for me to work with?


  • 6
    Linda Ralph

    How does GreySheeters Anonymous differ from Food Addicts Anonymous?



    Greysheet is different from FAA is that greysheet eliminate all grains and there is no metabolic adjustment that you eat before bedtime or as a late night snack. You eat 3 measured meals daily with diet beverage or water in between. I have heard from some people that greysheet worked better for them because they are also sensitive to carbs. And the advantage with greysheet is that people tend to lose weight fast on the food plan and feel freedom from food because the cravings for sugar and carbs are gone. I hope this helped…


  • 7
    Joan Donnelly

    I have 6 months back to back and would like to get on the grey net.



    hey you…so far so good .
    Now I have to find the Grey Net …and what is the name of the Vegan lady?


  • 8

    Greysheeters Anonymous was around way before 1996. It was in Seattle in 1990. It started in OA way back when there were food plans. The food plan is for people that are allergic to sugar and grain. I have found it is the only way I can eat successfully. I lost 90 pounds in my first 10 months. The plan is very doable with good size portions. The program is about the food. Good luck


  • 9
    donna Mcfarland

    Can someone tell me where I might find meetings in Orlando Fla.? Thank you! Donna


  • 10
    Diane@Curvy Goddess Lounge

    I just started and I’m loving it. This is not about dieting. This is a lifelong plan focusing on spiritual, physical, and emotional aspects. Food addiction is complex and it’s not really about weight loss. A diet will not address the addiction.


  • 11
    annie gutman

    I would love to get started..where doI begin>