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Growth Factor-9 Review - Does This HGH Booster Work? Are lack of results and side effects deal breakers?

Editor's Review: 3.2 / 5.0

growth-factor-9-product-imageBoth men and women are talking about Growth Factor-9, so we looked deep into the ingredients, side effects, clinical research and customer service. We read and digested hundreds of user comments and reviews. Then, we collected, condensed and refined to give you the info you need.

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What You Need to Know

First off, Growth Factor-9 is a supplement that is supposed to support human growth hormone levels. It has l-lysine HCL, l-arginine HCL, oxo-proline, n-acetyl l-cysteine, l-glutamine and Schizonepeta powder. You take four capsules as two, twice daily and the formula is supposed to help you “unleash your total performance.” The bottle is small enough to travel with, one benefit.

The product, formulated by Novex Biotech sometime after 2005, can be purchased directly from the company, a good option. We like that the company has been around for more than 10 years and the BBB rating is good, but read on…

No One’s Getting Results

The first problem dieters have pertains to the effectiveness of Growth Factor-9 ingredients. Many people using the product just don’t see any results. “The competition in the supplement market is strong right now,” says our Research Editor. “If you can’t provide a formula that works, you’ll lose your spot on the shelf real quick.”

“I’ve taken the product for almost 30 days. 4 capsules per day as recommended. I’ve not notice any improvement in are area of my daily regimen. I push myself very hard and it may be that the product isn’t for someone who is an advanced athlete,” says a user.

“I purchased two bottle of GF-9 and consumed according to instructions. I did not feel any difference after two months,” offers another.

Even working out most days of the week doesn’t help, “As directed, I took 4 capsules on an empty stomach every night before bed for 30 days straight (the entire bottle) while following a 4-day/week lifting program and noticed no change whatsoever in weight or muscle measurements.”

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I Don’t Feel So Good

Growth Factor-9 side effects are an issue that comes up in more than a few reviews. “I have been taking this for 3 weeks, I have gained 4 pounds. I believe it is water which makes me wonder why I would be retaining so much water. If this does not change it will be my last purchase. I am not feeling any better and have no more energy than before starting this supplement,” one user explains.

“I have been taking this product for over a week now and have experienced fatigue and brain fog like never before,” says another.

Based on our research, a supplement only needs one issue, like poor customer experience, to ruin the chances of long-term success. If Growth Factor-9 results are not what the user expects them to be, the product doesn’t have long in this business.

The Science

Hidden in the product description of Growth Factor-9 is mention of a clinical study. According to the information, the supplement can increase human growth hormone levels by more than 650%. There is no link to the published paper, but we did find even better information. The Journal of Clinical Investigation reports a “threefold increase in total GH secretion” within the first 24 hours with intermittent fasting. This method is free and clearly proven to work. At Testosterone.guide we’re looking for proof. If there’s none to be had, there’s no reason to stick around.

The Bottom Line

Our interest in Growth Factor 9 leads us to a solid conclusion. We like that all ingredients are listed online and there are some reports of positive results, but we can’t recommend the product because there are far too many negative reviews and fasting appears to increase human growth hormone better than the supplement.

If it’s time to boost testosterone levels, our suggestion is to go with a supplement with a clinically-proven ingredient list and a price that’s easy on your bank account.

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Previous Growth Factor-9 Review (Updated July 17, 2014):

What You Should Know

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Growth Factor-9 is a hormone booster, according to the product description on GNC, but at first glance there is no mention of the hormone the supplement is supposed to increase. We assume, based on the product's name, human growth hormone or HGH is the hormone the company is referring to, but we did not immediately notice any mention of HGH. We did immediately notice the $100 price tag, which either means the product is packed with expensive ingredients or the company is hoping the buyer will look at the claims and hit the Add to Cart button without questioning the ingredients.

List of Ingredients

  • L-Arginine HCL
  • L-Lysine HCL
  • N-Acetyl L-Cysteine
  • L-Glutamine
  • Oxo-Proline
  • Schizonepeta Powder

Product Features

The first four ingredients are nothing special and certainly not worth the $100 price tag. The dieter can find l-arginine, l-lysine, n-acetyl l-cysteine and l-glutamine in a long list of bodybuilding, diet and protein supplements. If Novex Biotech, the makers of Growth Factor-9, wants to convince the consumer to spend that much money the last two ingredients better have a strong clinical background. Oxo-proline, also referred to as pyroglutamic acid, is a rare amino acid. We found no clinical studies supporting any health benefits of this ingredient, but we did find mention of at least one case of 5-oxoproline acidosis in patients with long-term use of acetaminophen. We also found reference that oxoproline may be used on the skin to hold in moisture. Schizonepeta is an herb commonly used to treat the common cold and skin conditions like eczema. There are no health benefits even slightly associated with growth hormone production, according to WebMD.

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  • We found all the ingredients listed for Growth Factor-9.


  • The supplement is overpriced.
  • None of the ingredients are associated with growth hormone production.
  • Growth hormone is never mentioned.
  • We were unable to find the clinical study supporting increased serum hormone levels.
  • The reviews mention weight loss, increased lean muscle, fat loss and improvements to sleep – none of which are listed in the product description.


We are quite confused by this supplement. The reviews are mixed and none of the literature names growth hormone. There is mention of a serum hormone, but not serum growth hormone. The clinical study referenced in the product description and on the product label is impossible to trace and there is no link to where the study was completed or published. We suggest dieters choose a different product for weight loss as we are not completely sure what this product is designed to do.
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    Daramola Oladotun

    The last time I bought a product from you I never got what I paid for, I never complained. ’cause it’s just $4.95 but what I don’t understand why you have to go ahead and deduct another $93.95 from my account without prior notice.
    Right now what I want is refund of my money and I do not want your product. If you have sent it it’s better you call it off and refund my money.
    Thank you


  • 2

    Really appreciate the point-blank review of the Growth Factor-9. Your evaluation was similar to what I was explaining to some of my clients. Because your review was simply stated and easy for all to read/understand, I have sent my inquisitive Clients to your site specifically to read the reviews of this and other products on the diet market.


  • 3


    – Eating has improved

    – Eneregy has improved

    – Gym motivation improved *gaining more mass and (cannot say I have lean muscles yet that is all depending on your eating habit). No product will work magically, you have to put your time into it. People always think a product will work magically. Answer is NO, this product enhances your natural hGH and the rest is up to you. Eat Clean, go to the gym and use this product for 30 days and it will work for you. That’s my two cents.. – Brava


  • 4

    The its Ok. For Girls??



    I been taking growth factor 9 for a few weeks and noticed a difference. I Feel stronger. I benched 155 before taking them now I bench 280. I also see a difference in my appetite I eat less now. I take four in the morning and im not hungry till 5pm.


    Your Name

    Quit your lieing dexter



    LOL. Last comment was funny.

    However I’m taken this and it works. Price tag is a bit high but I do feel a difference. My mood changes, I intend to eat less

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