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GRP6 is a weight loss supplement with a unique set of ingredients. We found the supplement on the GNC website. There is a product description, complete list of ingredients and reviews of the product. We found no negative testimonials, but the foreign ingredient list leaves us questioning the validity of these reviews. We did not find one ingredient in GRP6 that we recognized offhand and there are only a few ingredients clinically proven to boost weight loss and suppress appetite.

List of Ingredients


  • Ficus Bengalensis Root
  • Pueraria Thunbergiana Root
  • Eucommiae Cortex Leaf
  • Calea Zacatechichi Leaf
  • Ziziphus Spinosa Leaf
  • Crocus Sativus Flower
  • Litchi Chinensis Fruit

Product Features

According to Perdue University, the Ficus Bengalensis Root may work as an anti-inflammatory or to cleanse the bowels. This could mean the Indian tree has a laxative effect. Pueraria Thunbergiana Root, also known as Kudzu, may also have anti-inflammatory effects. Eucommiae Cortex Leaf may have antioxidant effects, but little information could be found on this ingredient. Calea Zacatechichi Leaf or Leaf of God is known to cause euphoria. The plant is illegal to cultivate, grow and harvest for sale in some states. Ziziphus Spinosa Leaf is used in Chinese medicine to treat insomnia and irritability. Crocus Sativus Flower has been used for centuries to fight depression and prevent cancer. There is very little research on the spice also known as saffron. Litchi Chinensis Fruit or lychee fruit, is a superfruit rich in various vitamins and minerals.

After looking through the ingredient list we are not sold on the weight loss claims or reviews of this product. There is a good chance you will feel relaxed after taking the supplement, but some of the ingredients may not be suitable for all dieters, especially the laxative and euphoria-inducing Leaf of God.

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  • Ingredients in GRP6 are listed online.
  • The supplement has positive reviews online.


  • There is little chance this supplement will increase weight loss.
  • We are not certain the testimonials are completely honest.


Not only does GRP6 contain a potential laxative, but one of the ingredients is an illegal substance in Louisiana and possibly other states. Any supplement with ingredients known to affect mood should not be used by patients being treated with prescription medications that also affect mood. We could not find one ingredient clinically proven to suppress appetite, boost metabolism or increase weight loss. Clinical studies are available, however, for most of the ingredients in other medical categories.

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