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Guarana Elite was created from Guarana extracts which originated a few centuries ago in South America. It natives from South America used Guarana as a health tonic. Guarana is known across the globe for its supposed amazing weight loss benefits. It is recommended by Dr. Perricone to be considered the number one super food out there.

Guarana Elite offers nutritional supplements with the active Guarana fruit ingredient. The Guarana supplement can be of higher or lower effectiveness. This is due to the fruits need to be freeze-dried without delay after crop in order to preserve its nutrients from deterioration. This process can deplete the nutrients of many Guarana products, but Guarana Elite prides itself on offering successful weight loss benefits because of its higher quality as a supplement.


Guarana is the active ingredient found within Guarana Elite. Guarana is an exotic fruit from South America an area whose natives associated it with physical and mental wellness. The fruit is freeze dried to preserve its nutrients from deteriorating, and then formed into the weight-loss supplement. Guarana Elite also contains popular antioxidants which are associated with cleansing the body of toxins and allow for a healthier life.

Product Features

Guarana Elite is best known for its ability to help with weight loss efforts. The product is created from the natural Guarana fruit, ensuring the most quality ingredient. Hollywood celebrities and export companies have promoted the various Guarana Products and even Guarana Elite specifically. The weight-loss pill contains antioxidant ingredients which can help to cleanse the consumer’s system, increase energy levels and lift your mood. Guarana Elite guarantees it will support healthier living for all ages.

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  • The product has been promoted within Shape magazine by various health professionals and celebrities.
  • Results from a study of 10 overweight individuals determined Guarana Elite to work the best out of all of Guarana products.
  • The Guarana fruit has been known to stimulate mental and physical awareness.


  • The website appears to be a clear advertisement similar to various other weight-loss pills that have been associated with being illegitimate.
  • No satisfaction or money-back guarantee.
  • The website does not contain information on where the products can be purchased.


The Guarana fruit has been considered a healthy nutrient for a very long time, and is now available as a supplement. However, it is important to understand that although there are a number of celebrity endorsers, or specific research that has been done on a product, one should always be skeptical. Eating right and exercising on a regular basis is important for weight-loss to occur in a healthy way.

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