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Guarana is a common ingredient that is found in numerous weight loss supplements today. This creeping Venezuelan shrub boasts bright red berries that contain black seeds. It is these seeds that contain the caffeine that can boost mental alertness and stamina and serve as an effective fat burner.

The name comes from the Guarani tribe that has used this substance for strength and treating digestive disorders. Today, South Americans commonly enjoy guarana in energizing soft drink-type beverages. It has even begun to sneak into some North American drinks as well.

Guarana is considered a thermogenic and effective fat burner, which is why many diet supplements contain this ingredient. Studies done on this substance back the claims that it can increase energy and improve cognitive function. This energy boost can help motivate dieters to stick to their program and power through their workouts. It can also boost metabolism so that calories are burned more efficiently. Like other types of stimulants found in weight loss supplements, guarana may also suppress the appetite to some extent. However, guarana may not be a good choice for every dieter.


The primary ingredient in guarana that is thought to be beneficial in weight loss is caffeine. Stimulants like this are used in many weight loss supplements to energize, boost the metabolism and suppress the appetite. However, not all stimulants are created equal. While caffeine can be effective to an extent, too much of this substance can result in nervousness, irritability, nausea and insomnia. Since guarana is often combined with other stimulants in a single substance, these effects can be magnified further. In addition, there are many weight loss supplements containing stimulants like guarana that do not have clinical research to back up the claims and effectiveness of the product. We would urge consumers to look for clinical evidence that a stimulant combination is safe and effective before trying the formula.

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Guarana comes in a variety of weight loss supplements today. We encourage consumers to look for products that offer a money back guarantee and free trial offers so they can try new formulas risk free to see if they work for them.

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  • Guarana can increase energy and mental clarity in the people who use it.
  • The ingredient is readily available in many weight loss supplements today.


  • The caffeine in guarana can create negative side effects in some people.
  • The effects may be magnified when guarana is combined with other stimulants.
  • There are more effective, non-stimulant fat burners on the market.
  • Other ingredients have a more potent appetite suppressant.


While guarana may be a decent ingredient to find in a weight loss supplement, it should be combined with a proven fat burner and appetite suppressant for best results. It is also a good idea to talk to your doctor before taking a supplement with guarana to ensure this substance is safe for you.

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    i have a problem of fats.i worked really hard to lose my weight.i have taken arurvedic as well as alopathy medicines but it does not work what diet ihave to take. what i have to do?????