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The Guaranteed Weight Loss Club involves tracking daily exercise with the Exerspy and filling out a weight loss tracker. A personal coach is provided to club members. There is a guarantee of weight loss associated with the Guaranteed Weight Loss Club, but the official website may be a bit deceiving. When we tried to pull up the official website for Guaranteed Weight Loss Club, we were warned that the site redirects to another website. This could mean the official website is no longer in business, or that the website has always been linked to a business that sells the Exerspy for a profit.

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Exercise program online.

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Without an official website, information on Guaranteed Weight Loss Club is minimal. We know the program includes reduced calorie intake and exercise. The trackers and personal coach help keep the dieter on track, thus the guarantee of weight loss. The cost of being a part of the program is 100% refundable if the dieter does not lose weight. Aside from the personal coach, which we are not sure is really a live person; the program is no different than the hundreds of free websites available for weight loss support.

Support is an important part of weight loss. According to research, buddy and support programs help dieters lose more weight and stick with a weight loss and exercise program longer because they are held accountable for their actions. No one wants to weigh-in at a weekly meeting and gain weight.

There is no information on the diet plan, exercise plan or personal coaching associated with Guaranteed Weight Loss. Dieters pay $199 at the time of sign-up and $29 a month thereafter. The initial fee pays for the Exerspy equipment. There may be a monthly maintenance fee associated with using the Exerspy.

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  • The Exerspy comes with membership to the Guaranteed Weight Loss Club.
  • Complete weight loss and exercise website.


  • The official website is a redirect – could be a security issue for some computer users.
  • There is an up-front fee and monthly fee to continue using club resources.
  • We have no idea if the Exerspy works without a monthly membership fee.
  • 100% money-back guarantee.


The Guaranteed Weight Loss Club claims to help a dieter meet weight loss goals or all monthly fees will be refunded. There is no mention of a refund for the one-time commitment fee of $199. Dieters can find the same tools online for free. The Exerspy, on the other hand, is a fitness tool the dieter would have to purchase on their own. The Exerspy costs $219 from the official dotFIT website and requires a monthly subscription fee.

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