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Guggul is the resin of the mukul myrrh tree which grows throughout India and Arabian countries. Guggul has been used for millennia in ancient Indian ayurvedic medicine for many ailments, including inflammation, weight loss, arthritis, broken bones and lipid metabolism disorders. In more recent times, it is being used for the treatment of atherosclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, and elevated cholesterol.

Guggul still shows promise for weight loss due to its ability to stimulate thyroid hormone production. One of the components of guggul, guggulsterone, is a natural steroid complex that is responsible for the thyroid effect. Guggulsterone is found in several weight loss aids.

Like any other natural supplement, guggul can cause adverse side effects. Diarrhea, loss of appetite, rashes, dizziness, and headaches have been reported. Guggul can also interact with medications, most notably thyroid treatments. Guggul should not be taken while pregnant as it is thought to be a uterine stimulant.


The only ingredient in Guggul is the resin from the mukul myrrh tree.

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There are many compounds in guggul resin, but by far the most important is the steroid guggulsterone. Clinical research is just in its preliminary stages on this promising substance. Guggulsterone is thought to reduce blood platelet stickiness, prevent coronary artery disease, reduce cholesterol levels, and dissolve blood clots. It has also shown effectiveness at reducing inflammation in many inflammatory illnesses.

Guggulsterone’s thyroid-stimulating abilities are the most interesting to the weight loss industry. One theory of weight loss is that increased metabolism rates will help to process calories in the body more effectively and will burn off more fat. Metabolism can be affected by thyroid hormone levels and guggulsterone is believed to increase the production of thyroid hormones. More research must be done, however, before one can definitely state that guggul is effective as a weight loss aid.

Most extracts in use today contain 5-10% guggulsterone and that is currently considered to be a therapeutic dosage. Any less than that may not be effective and any more may cause adverse side effects. Guggul extract is widely available through online sources and in health food stores in the U.S. It is less available without prescription in the U.K.

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  • It is a natural compound.
  • Shows promise of many health benefits on top of weight loss benefits.


  • No definitive research yet proves guggul’s effectiveness.
  • Can cause adverse side effects in large doses.


Guggul will definitely appeal to many consumers looking for the next big thing in weight loss. Guggul has many promising attributes but more research needs to done. There are many weight loss aids on the market today that include guggul or guggulsterone. Consumers should research these products thoroughly before using however to ensure that the levels of guggulsterone are high enough to be effective and low enough not to cause potential adverse reactions.

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    Where can I buy gugguk?



    I am suffering from hypothyroidism from last 6 years and for that taking 100mg eltroxin early morning empty stomach.i want to know that guggul can be taken with eltroxin for weight loss or not…pls reply