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Gunnar Peterson is a personal trainer and TV personality famous for training top celebrity bods such as Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Lopez. Along with offering personal training session in his Los Angeles fitness center, Gunnar Peterson is notably known as the developer of the Core Secrets video series. Top television shows such as Extra and Today describe his fitness approach as no-nonsense and straight to the point, which has gained him popularity with millions of people around the world. Core Secrets is available nearly everywhere on the Internet as single VHS tapes or DVDs.

Gunnar Peterson’s Core Secrets, unlike other exercise programs, does not make any astounding claims about his product. He claims to get you in shape easily and effectively by completing his video three to four times per week. His videos are widely available online and were previously available in select retail stores. A single program costs $29.95, although the DVD is discontinued in some major chain stores.


He is a fitness trainer, therefore there are no ingredients to list.

Product Features

Gunnar Peterson claims Core Secrets will get you into noticeable shape within weeks, using “core-specific” exercises that benefit from his his years of expertise and experience. Numerous testimonials and experts consider Core Secrets one of the best programs available. Unfortunately, you will need to use a balance ball and buy additional Core Secrets DVDs or tapes, which add up quickly. Gunnar Peterson claims that by switching up programs weekly, it will effectively train your abdomen and central core muscles. Core Secrets also comes with a diet program, that combines vegetables and lean meats, something doctors say is needed for optimal nutrition.

One big complaint users seem to have with Gunnar Peterson and Core Secrets is that it is too simple and not challenging enough. There are no advanced exercise programs available.

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  • Gunnar Peterson is a highly respected and highly knowledgeable expert in fitness.
  • His exercise science is based off credible research and studies.
  • The program is designed for beginners.


  • The program is “too easy” for many individuals.
  • The complete Core Secrets program is too expensive.
  • Owning a balance ball is a requirement.
  • Some users feel that this program tades too heavily on its celebrity associations.
  • Gunnar’s Peterson products, including Core Secrets, are now only available online.


Gunnar Peterson’s no-nonsense approach to core training might entice the beginning dieter, but his programs are not ideal for those looking for a tougher workout. His workouts are mostly aimed towards women and novice exercisers. His programs are very expensive also and Peterson recommends switching it up every week, which adds up to well over $85 per month. However, Peterson is highly sought out by celebrities and dieters alike, who trust his experience and credentials. Although he might be an ideal choice for exercisers who need an easy workout, it is not ideal for hardcore dieters or for those who are serious about dropping weight.

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2 User Reviews about Gunnar Peterson

  • 1
    T. Arn

    I really enjoy working out with Gunner’s Core Secrets. The only thing about the exercises is that there is to much explaining and talking in between exercises. The body tends to cool down to quick. For me anyway. But other than that it is a good muscle exercise.


  • 2

    I own the entire package,but do not know a routine schedule. Just read a review that stated the workouts are for beginners and not meant for weight loss. My problem area is my stomach, so I have been doing the ab assault workout daily. Could you provide some direction?

    Thank you