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GymFlex is a fitness and exercise website promoting the GymFlex Transformer. The machine looks like an aerobic step with resistance bands attached to either side. The resistance bands have handles so the user can work the upper and lower body at the same time. The GymFlex Transformer can be used as a step, incline bench and standard bench. The equipment costs less than other home gyms. The official GymFlex website offers sample exercises for core, chest, legs and arms. Partner workouts are also available. Testimonials are listed on the Success Stories page, but none are from dieters having used the machine for weight loss.

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Exercise and fitness equipment company.

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The first thing we noticed missing from the GymFlex website was a section dedicated to nutrition and weight loss. Many dieters look for fitness equipment to increase calorie burn and boost metabolism. The GymFlex Transformer, the main product sold on the GymFlex website, may help increase metabolism and calorie burn, but there is no information on how to use the machine as a diet aid.

GymFlex does offer free exercises and an eTrainer program. The eTrainer program costs $9.95 per month for eTrainer Pro and $29.95 per month for eTrainer Elite. The eTrainer Pro offers access to a video library of workouts. The eTrainer Elite adds a personalized workout, once a month, to the deal.

The GymFlex website offers very little support for the dieter. There are pictures of fit people using the machine, but no pictures of people losing weight and gaining health benefits from the eTrainer program or the Transformer. The Store link at the top of the website, redirects the visitor to a sales page for the GymFlex Transformer, so we assume they do not support supplements or any other products for weight loss. The GymFlex Transformer sells for $299. Free nutrition and dieting guide and journal comes with the GymFlex Transformer.

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  • eTrainer programs include personalized workout plans once a month.
  • The GymFlex Transformer is less expensive than other home gyms.
  • Nutrition and diet tips come with the Transformer.


  • No information on weight loss on the official GymFlex website.
  • The price is still too high for some dieters.
  • No before and after weight loss stories on the official GymFlex website.


Weight loss is a personal battle that requires dedication, healthy eating and exercise. Dieters want to see that other dieters have gained a benefit from using a fitness machine before spending hundreds of dollars. The GymFlex company does not give the dieter those before and after stories. Dieters only gain access to nutrition and dieting advice if they purchase the GymFlex.

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