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Editor's Review: 3.5 / 5.0

What You Should Know

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The Gymform Total Fitness is an electronic muscle stimulator for abdominal, pectoral and buttock muscles. Unlike more expensive units sold by Gymform, this unit does not have leads and pads. The pads are built in to the abdominal belt. The user simply straps on the Velcro belt and turns on one of the 6 programs. Programs help tone abdominal muscles or massage muscles for faster recovery between workouts. The unit sells for more than $40, but it is sold through the United Kingdom so there could be a substantial shipping and handling cost for buyers in the United States.

List of Ingredients

Gymform Total Body Fitness Console, Neoprene Belt with Patches, Elastic Band for Abdominal, Pectoral and Buttocks Stimulation and Instruction Manual.

Product Features

Belts like the Gymform Total Fitness unit work by stimulating the muscle with electricity. Electricity fools the muscle into contracting. The contraction feels like a voluntary muscle contraction, but the user does not have to physical move to contract the muscle. Over time, electronic stimulation can tone and strengthen muscles, but it will not work to improve weight loss, cardio fitness or metabolism.

Electronic stimulation belts are adjustable, but users with a larger than average waistline may have trouble closing the belt. Pictures of the Gymform Total Fitness belt in use portray six-pack abs on a fit user. We found no testimonials or before and after pictures from dieters claiming weight loss associated with using the Gymform Total Fitness unit.

Electronic stimulation does not replace exercise. Most reviews are from users with a background in fitness or a personal injury. Using an electro stimulation belt between intense workouts or athletic activity may reduce recovery time. The electronic impulses can also gently knead muscles to resort general muscle health.

We found no information on dieting or weight loss associated with the Gymform Total Fitness unit or the company in general. There is no mention of weight loss supplements, diets or cardio routines.

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  • Stimulates muscles for faster recovery.
  • Tones and strengthens abdominal, pectoral and buttock muscles.
  • Costs less than most electro stimulation belts.


  • The unit does not increase metabolism.
  • Weight loss will not result from using the Gymform Total Fitness unit.
  • No weight loss or reduced calorie diet is included with purchase.
  • Sold in the UK so shipping and handling could be expensive.


The Gymform Total Fitness belt could be beneficial for injury recovery or toning covered muscle groups. The average dieter will see no benefit from using this machine for increased fitness or metabolism. Electro stimulation does not burn calories or improve cardio endurance so the dieter still have to get out and exercise to lose weight.

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