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Have you ever tied a string around your finger to remember something? Habitwise claims this same tactic can be used to increase weight loss and help the dieter exercise regularly. Habitwise is no longer in business, but the company profile and products are still listed on various websites. Habitwise sold various bracelets and coins to remind the dieter of weight loss goals. We assume the company tried to play off the support bracelets sold by many companies for the weight loss market.

List of Ingredients

Habit promoting bracelets and coins for men and women.

Product Features

Habitwise sold three bracelets or coins – getLoss, getWet and getTracking. Ideally, the dieter would have all three bracelets or coins. In the morning, the bracelets would all be worn on one wrist (or coins in one pocket). Dieters making good food choices move the getLoss bracelet or coin to the opposite wrist or pocket. Drinking enough water moves the getWet bracelet or coin and getting enough exercise moves the getTracking bracelet or coin. The idea is to move them all by the end of the day. Eventually, according to Habitwise, moving the bracelets or coins teaches habit. The dieter will soon learn to make better choices without a second thought – thus a new habit is born.

Each program is sold separately so the dieter orders the program that best fits the individual’s lifestyle. The getLoss program, for instance, includes multiple bracelets representing 50 calories each. Some bracelets were color coded to represent food groups. If the dieter is following a 1,200 calorie program, they start the day with 24 bracelets on one arm. Each time food or drinks with calories are consumed; the dieter moves bracelets from one arm to the other. When all the bracelets are moved, the dieter has met calorie goals. The same goes for the getWet and getTracking programs. Multiple programs can be used at one time.

Wearing more than 20 bracelets on one arm may be a bit overpowering for the dieter. This could be why the company shut down in February, 2011.

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  • Supports healthy eating and weight loss habits.
  • Easy to follow.


  • No official website.
  • Originally created for kids.
  • Requires wearing lots of bracelets or having a pocket full of coins.
  • No cost listed online.
  • No longer in production.


The Habitwise bracelet and coin program is a unique, fun way to learn a new, healthy habit. The program may have requires wearing too many bracelets to be viable as a daily means of tracking calories, but the idea was originally tailored for kids. Unfortunately, we could not find the bracelets or coins available for sale.

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