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Hallelujah Acres is a program online with some great testimonials on many health issues such as colon cancer, weight issues, diabetes and high blood pressure and according to these testimonials, this biblical route to better health is one of the most revolutionary things so far.

Reported to be “God’s way to better health,” the lectures that you can take part in apparently help to work out why your diet is making you ill, how changing your diet can make the world of difference to your health and also how God gave certain foods to mankind to make the most of life.


The main ingredients for this weight loss method can only be found out by attending one of the workshops performed by Hallelujah Acres and to be more specific Reverend George Malkmus who was the founder of his program.

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The Hallelujah Acres workshops and programs have not been scientifically proven by any clinical studies and although there are some pretty appealing client testimonials, the whole idea of certain foods being banned and others being allowed by God follows the same guidelines as other diets. There are twelve basic lessons and all of them have been founded by the Bible along with claims that certain testers of the program have managed to lose 85 pounds and reduce the amount of insulin needed for diabetics. There have also been other claims that certain conditions and illnesses have been cured and this is all down to the following of specific diets and recipe plans.

Although the testimonials and positive reports seem to suggest that this program works, there is no real evidence that this works and if you are looking for a weight loss method that has been proven to work, it may be better to keep looking at the other competition types on the market.

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  • This program may appeal to the very religious.


  • This program makes some outstanding claims.
  • You must live in North Carolina to attend a majority of the lectures offered by this program.
  • Some people will not like the biblical aspects of this program.


Faith can be a very powerful tool and some people find it can really motivate them to stick to a program of any type. This includes diets and workout plans. Unfortunately, this program relies so heavily on faith, it will automatically be disregarded by a lot of dieters. People don’t want to be lectured to all the time and many people won’t like hearing about miracle cures.

If you live in the North Carolina area and are religious, you might want to attend one of the lectures to get a good feel for this program and what they have to offer. The website has a lot of testimonials that are positive so it couldn’t hurt to check it out.

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