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Hallelujah Acres is a weight loss program that endeavors to “teach healthy living from a biblical perspective.” This company was founded by Reverend George Malkmus in 1992. It offers a non-denominational Christian approach to dieting and overall health. Unlike most weight reduction programs, the Hallelujah Acres diet practices “God’s ways to natural health and healing.” Essentially this diet plan encourages users to eat healthy and adopt eating habits as discussed in the bible. There are customer testimonials provided on the official website. No free trial samples of supplements are offered.

Some of the main features of the Hallelujah Acres diet are books such as “The Hallelujah Diet and Lifestyle” book and workbook, the Hallelujah Acres University, the Hallelujah Diet and Lifestyle Workshop, the Hallelujah Acres Medical Clinic, Online Forums and a number of recipes offered on the website. The headquarters for this diet program is in Shelby, NC. However, much of the information that goes along with the Hallelujah Acres diet is provided for free on the website. There doesn’t appear to be a particular cost for the Hallelujah Acres program. The Hallelujah Diet book, however, sells via the official website for $14.95. There are also a number of supplements that sell through the website, such as WaterMax ($32.95), Balance 3 ($38), Nutritional Essentials ($36), DHA Supplement ($23.95), Udos Choice Oil Blend ($21.95), Fine Ground Celtic Sea Salt ($12.95), Micro-Max ($14.95), Microhydrin ($39.95) and many more. It’s difficult to determine if these products are offered with a money-back guarantee.

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The Hallelujah Acres diet plan is basically a certain way of life that’s adopted from the bible. This weight loss system is suitable for women, men and children. Hallelujah Acres involves eating mostly raw foods such as vegetables, water, real juices and whole grains. While much of the information needed to practice a Hallelujah Acres diet plan is offered for free on the official website, there are supplements sold as well, and dieters can sign up for a Hallelujah Diet and Lifestyle Workshop. Exercise is encouraged with the Hallelujah Acres diet program. There doesn’t appear to be any actual clinical data offered on the website to help support this weight loss plan.

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  • The official Hallelujah Acres website offers a lot of free information, such as cooking recipes.
  • There are a number of supplements offered through the website.
  • This diet program is suitable for men, women and children.
  • Exercise is recommended with the Hallelujah Acres diet plan.


  • There do not appear to be any convenient appetite suppressants offered with the Hallelujah Acres diet plan.
  • No real clinical research is posted on the official website.
  • The Hallelujah Acres diet system would require a rather drastic lifestyle change, which many dieters may not want or be capable of.
  • There are no free supplement samples provided through the official website.
  • It doesn’t appear that the supplements offered through the Hallelujah Acres website come with a 100% money-back guarantee.
  • Non-Christian dieters may not fid this diet suitable.


While the Hallelujah Acres diet program is refreshing in some ways, this weight loss program will likely not appeal to many individuals simply because it requires a rather drastic change in lifestyle. Like many other diet programs currently available, Hallelujah Acres asks followers to alter everything from their daily physical activity the meals they prepare every day. Many users looking for a diet supplement have already tried similar plans and not achieved desired results. On the bright side, the Hallelujah Acres diet encourages healthy eating and regular exercise. However, it would also be nice to see some real clinical evidence posted on the official website, along with some free supplement samples and money-back guarantees on the products they offer.

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  • 1
    Judy Lee

    Hallelujah Acres is a wonderful life saving program. It is NOT a diet. It is a lifestyle change. Many health conditions (like type 2 diabetes, certain heart conditions, and many cancers…) are brought on due to poor lifestyle (awful diets full of chemicals and animal products along with little to no exercise). Hallelujah Acres teaches you how to eat to live a long and healthy life the way God intended. My husband and I have lost weight and are improving our health (Diabetes, Congestive Heart Failure and High blood pressure) by following this way of life. My husband can retain water (sometimes up to 50-60 pounds) due to Congestive Heart Failure. Recently he was retaining nearly 45 pounds of water. He is taking a water pill daily and has been for 1 year. The doctors had him double the dose of the water pill and he had no results. Then they gave him a second water pill to go along with the first one. He took both water pills for two weeks. He only lost 1 pound in those two weeks. I started giving him (fresh from our juicer) carrot, celery, cucumber, spinach, lemon, apple juice two times every day and in 1 and 1/2 weeks he has lost 30 pounds of the water he was retaining. I know from experience that this way of living is best. It is true that compared to the typical S.A.D. :Standard American Diet the Hallelujah Diet is more work and does take more time to prepare. However, I have lived on both diets and can absolutely say beyond a shadow of a doubt that I feel much better and function with more clarity and comfort on the Hallelujah diet than I ever did on the S.A.D. diet. It is more work but I think my family and I are worth the extra effort. 🙂


  • 2

    My husband and I went on the Hallelujah program a year ago and went to one of their lifestyle centers this June. We did not follow it 100% on our own but did while at the center. I believe in the lifestyle change. We both felt much better while at the Lifestyle Center but when we got home we got off track. This program is almost impossible to follow completely. While trying to follow it, I practically lived in my kitchen. It is very expensive to follow. It also take a lot of time to juice veggies. We finally gave up.


  • 3
    Lynn Bryant

    I’m looking to lease a baby farm with a house and 12 acres on it, to raise vegetables for area food banks and soup kitchens. This will be a ‘ministry-based’ operation. I need input on how to get started.


  • 4
    paul ataine

    please i want to know if there is a clinic that i can be guided through to overcome what is suspected to be an hepetitis.


  • 5
    Bertha cunningham

    this is a good product everyone should try this.


  • 6
    Roger Groot

    I am one of the hundreds who have had reversed results from a disease,Mine was heart disease as my dad and 4 brothers all died in their 40`s 50`s and 60`s of heart disease,so with the ‘family history” I also had a heart attack in 2001,and a severe bleeder stroke in 2003.Was in critical care for 21 days but today at age 76,I have good levels of cholesteral,BP etc.Feel much younger and juice carrots,celery,apples daily and no cow milk and very low animal flesh diet.Rev.Malkmus has been telling people since 1992 that the two most destructive foods that has caused many physical problems for many people is cow milk and animal flesh.Last year (2012) CNN had a special presentation with Dr.Sanjay Gupta called THE LAST HEART ATTACK.His two guests were the former President Bill Clinton and Dr.Caldwell Esselstyn from the Cleveland Clinic.When Dr.Gupta asked these two guests what they would want to tell all who were watching what foods to avoid to improve their health they both repled,”Eliminate dairy and animal flesh”!


  • 7
    Jeannette Ozinga

    I was recently dianosed with lung cancer (I dont smoke) I was recommended the Hallelujah diet book
    Is there anyone who has been helped by following this diet?
    Is there a clinic in Sydney Australia?


  • 8

    Hallelujah Diet was reccommended to me by a MD with Internal Medicine and Endocrinology degrees from Mayos. I was in kidney failure and my kidney function hasd improved from 15% to well over 32%. I was told by nephologist that this just does not happen with my type damage. The mentioned doctor had about 10 of us on it and all had similar experiences he told me. NO supressant necessary because you are never hungry and feel great.


  • 9
    LaVonne Haymore

    Do you all have anyone who has overcome (or improved) cirrhosis of the liver with this diet?

    Thanks so much.


  • 10

    Hallelujah Acres diet is NOT a weight loss program. It is a lifstyle change that promotes healthy eating. Offering an appetite supressant would go against what they teach…healing the body naturally, not putting chemicals into the body.


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