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Reverend George Malkmus is the creator of the Bible Based Hallelujah Diet. George Malkmus has been frequently seen on various television specials and interviews across networks such as the 700 Club, Fox News, CBS, NBC, ABC Nightline, The Food Network, and Trinity Broadcasting. He has authored many books, DVDs and CDs, including Why Christians Get Sick, God’s Way to Ultimate Health; Message of Hope and Healing, and the most recent book, the Hallelujah Diet. He provides contact information on his website.


There are no ingredients, as this is a handbook for a diet.

Product Features

The Hallelujah Diet contains no animal products of any kind, and consists of 85% raw food, and 15% cooked food. It resembles the diet seen in Genesis 1:29. The diet does not involve counting calories or anything like that. People begin seeing changes and feeling better within weeks. Juicing is a very important part of the diet, and raw vegetable juices should be consumed throughout the day in place of snacks. Exercise is also a major component of the Hallelujah Diet. George Malkmus also says that eating out or with family and friends is generally never a problem because many people respect the fact that he and his wife will not eat animal products or refined sugars. He brings a salad or pasta dish and usually goes to steak houses where the are salad and potato bars. It is recommended that you supplement with B12 and Vitamin D to keep your body healthy.

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  • All natural, vegan diet.


  • Make take some getting used to for many people.
  • May be hard to find time to do, but less cooked foods saves time and power.
  • There are no fat burning or appetite suppressing supplements used in the plan.


George Malkmus claims that he discovered this diet in the ’70′s when he was battling colon cancer and he had just watched his mother diet from taking the medical route. He decided that he was going to take control of the situation and refused to take the medical route because he thought that is what killed his mother. He talked to a fellow evangelist and learned about the diet in the Bible. Within one year his tumor was gone. His wife went on the diet too and lost a lot of weight because her energy levels increased and several health problems disappeared. He is now 74 and the cancer disappeared 32 years ago.

While the George Malkmus story is interesting, the food choices in this diet may be hard for many people to follow. A proven fat burner and an appetite suppressant may make a plan like this work for more people.

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