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Halo for Her is a prohormone for women. Just because men think they run the bodybuilding world doesn’t mean that fantasy is true. Halo is also available for men, but this time around the formula is expressly designed for female bodybuilders. According to the supplement description, the supplement is supposed to help the bodybuilder get lean, boost strength and increase muscle hardness. The formula will not change to estrogen in the body, so the testosterone peaks the female bodybuilder is looking for will not be tainted with added estrogen. The supplement, which is formulated by IronMagLabs, is available on the official website for about $40 as of 2012.

List of Ingredients


  • 4-chloro-17a-methyl-androst-1, 4-dine-3, 17b-dione

Product Features

There is only one main ingredient in Halo for Her – Halodrol or Turinabol. This is the same ingredient found in men’s prohormones, so there is really no difference between Halo for Her and some men’s products. It is suggested that the female bodybuilder stack the Halo for Her on an 8-week cycle. The cycle consists of Halo for Her, Lean Fuel Extreme, Advanced Cycle Support, Essence EFA and Razor Cuts. This is the stack that professional female bodybuilders supposedly use, but we are not sure how honest that claim is because prohormones are not legal for use in professional bodybuilding. The stack retails for $125 every 8 weeks.

Other than a video from a professional female bodybuilder we have no before and after photos or testimonials. The product may work to increase strength and mass, but will the gains hang over after the first six weeks of the cycle when the bodybuilder stops taking Halo for Her? Are there any long-term side effects associated with the prohormone? When we have more questions than answers the supplement is not worth the risk.

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  • Used by a professional female bodybuilder.
  • Designed for women – according to Iron Mag Labs.


  • The main ingredient is also available in male prohormones.
  • The formula contains no female-only ingredients.
  • There are no testimonials.
  • We are not given a before picture for the female bodybuilder who used Halo for Her.


We do not support using prohormones for male bodybuilding, let alone female bodybuilding. Prohormones are risky and must be cycled properly with a post cycle therapy that supports healthy liver function. If this supplement does work as claims and it does increase strength and muscle hardness while helping the bodybuilder reduce fat stores – that’s great, but it still could cause a positive drug test.

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