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Halo-Plex is a clone of H-Drol from Hard Rock Nutrition. Most prohormones are illegal, so how do these companies keep producing and selling them? Prohormones are nothing by chemical creations. If one is banned all it takes is a little time in the lab and another one is developed. There is no way to control all prohormones created in a lab setting, so the government started a project that would never be finished.

We found one review for Halo-Plex posted in May 2012. This means the product is still available and still be purchased and used by bodybuilders and athletes. It is important to remember that Halo-Plex may cause a positive test result in a competition setting. If the competition is testing for prohormones, the slight chemical differences that make a new product may not stop the drug test from reading positive.

List of Ingredients


  • 4-chloro-17a-methyl-androst-1,4-diene-3-17b-diol

Product Features

When we read the product description for Halo-Plex we found the suggested dose to be one capsule two times a day. The user could take up to three per day, but only for three days. We understand that prohormones may have an impact on liver function and other body systems, but that impact will not likely occur within three days. There is also the suggestion to take with food and with other supportive supplements.

In terms of prohormone side effects, Halo-Plex is relatively low risk, but there is risk to be noted. High doses are required for a positive effect on muscle growth. With that high dose comes increased risk of liver damage or toxicity. It is highly suggested that the user take a post cycle therapy that focuses on liver health. The product description also suggests taking liver support while taking the prohormone.

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  • The chemical structure of the prohormone is listed online.
  • The prohormone is likely to increase muscle growth and strength.


  • The dose of Halo-Plex is a bit weird at up to three capsules a day for three days.
  • There is no mention of post cycle therapy on the product description page.
  • The prohormone appears to be for sale even though many prohormones are illegal.


Prohormones are reserved for the bodybuilding community and not for the average dieter. Halo-Plex is a clone of Halodrol, another prohormone. We found plenty of information on the prohormone in the formula, but only as a derivative or clone of Halodrol and not as Halo-Plex. We found that several companies used the same clone under different names, which is common in the supplement industry.

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