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Workouts consume time, money and energy. Whether you are a fitness freak or an athlete, Hammer Nutrition boasts of a range of health products that fulfill the bodily requirements before, after and during workouts. There are many products spread across various categories. Here, we would focus on the more important ones.

Product Features

This sports drink comes with a subtle flavor, a combination of carbs and no citric acid to keep you hydrated and prevent cramps by maintaining blood glucose. It is ideal for athletes that workout or run long-distances. The sweetener used in the drink also helps to improve oral health. It provides smooth sustained release of energy because of chained complex carbohydrates. It is like a sugary syrup. The viscosity can be varied by adding water to taste. It comes in pouches as well as a 26 serving jug.

This health composition is effective for training or races that are more than two hours of duration. It helps nutrition and calories to get inside your body without adding any load to the stomach. Soy protein is present to aid in recovering lean muscle mass. It is a complete replacement to Power Bars and Clif bars. It immediately replenishes the body with essential carbs, calories and proteins.

List Of Ingredients

Apple Juice Concentrate, Long Chained Maltodextrin, Ground Cinnamon, Filtered Water, Vanilla Extract, Malic Acid, Potassium Sorbate, Salt and Amino Acids namely L-Leucine, L-Valine, L-Alanine and L-Isolucine.

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  • The products are easy to carry and use
  • Perpetuem can significantly reduce the usage of Power Bars that are hard on the stomach
  • Perpetuem can be used along with Hammer Gel for enhanced performance
  • These products do not contain MSG


  • Beginners may not like the taste of these products
  • Tastes foul when the drink or gel gets heated up during warm days
  • Gel does not mix properly with water


Like other foods, the effectiveness of the energy-powered range of Hammer Nutrition products varies from individual to individual. It depends upon personal requirements, preferences and tastes. Some might find an individual product to be useful while some may like mixing a couple of them.

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