Han’s Honey Loquat Review

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Han’s Honey Loquat is a form of syrup that provides relief from the symptoms of cold, sore throat and sore mouth.

List of Ingredients

Licorice, Fritillary Blended, Ginger, Peppermint, Loquat and Raw Honey Base.

Product Description

Honey Loquat Syrup mixes loquat together with raw honey, ginger, licorice, spearmint, apricot, lily bulbs and peach kernels in order to create a perfect remedy for irritating, sore, hoarse throats with coughs. This is especially useful for speakers, singers and smokers. Recommended dosage: Take it with tea or water. Adults and Children above 12 years: 2 tsps after every 4-6 hours. Children between 6-11 years: 1 tsp. every 4-6 hours.Han’s Honey Loquat is a premium Chinese soothing beverage that is prepared through an ancient herbal formula used by the Han Dynasty in China in the year 25 A.D. A Loquat is an edible fruit of the tree called Eriobotrya Japonica. It is pear-shaped and yellow in color. It was previously available in Asia only but is now being grown in California as well. It is available in a bottle of 8.5 fl oz. Another version of the product is the Han’s Honey Loquat Candy, which is a traditional, Chinese soothing lozenge that has a soft, syrupy center, which is mixed with herbs for a fine taste and effective soothing from cough and cold. This is also prepared with an ancient formula from the Chinese History dating back to 25 A.D. It is available in single packs of 76gm as well as a combi-pack of 5 units.

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  • Effective for alleviating the effects of cough, cold and sore throat.
  • Can be mixed with warm water for better results.
  • This Honey Loquat syrup is an indispensable composition for touring and practising vocalists.
  • It can be rendered to both adults and children above two years of age.
  • It has a good taste to suit every palate.
  • It does not induce drowsiness.
  • It is non-habit forming.


  • It is not available readily, neither at stores nor online.


Some people have tried this syrup with green tea and others with warm water. Adults as well as children of all ages seem to have benefited from this herbal combination. Performing singers use it during, before and after their practice sessions or actual live performance. It is non-habit forming and is complete safe to use. It has provided instant relief to many while it has healed scratchy throats overnight with a single dosage. And the best part is that the taste is good, which can be recommended to just about anyone.

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    I have been using Han’s Honey Loquat since 1992 for asthma and since then I haven’t had to use my inhalers.


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