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The Harcombe Diet is a diet book, written by Zoe Harcombe, a research student who decided to focus her time into figuring out why she was so hungry all the time when she tried to diet and lose weight. Her findings indicate that dieting is one of the main causes of the obesity epidemic faced in this country, because we deprive ourselves so much our metabolism shuts down, then we eat to catch up, which packs on the pounds even easier. Read this review to find out more about the program and how it works to determine whether or not this is the way you will finally reach your weight loss goals.

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The Harcombe Diet is a three phase diet, where phase one is the detox phase and lasts only five days. This is the shortest phase of the diet. Phase two, likely requires you to stay in it until you reach your weight loss goal, and does not have a lot of detail about how it works. The final phase of the diet is a maintenance phase, and teaches users how to “cheat” according to the rules of the program while still maintaining their overall weight. There are two books that can be used to accompany the diet, a cookbook, and a book called, Why Do You Overeat When All You Want to Do is Be Slim? These books are not required to successfully follow the program, but they could be helpful.

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  • The Harcombe Diet book can purchased online for $8 or less, at the time of this review.
  • This diet does not require the dieter to count calories


  • The Harcombe Diet does not come with a money back guarantee.
  • The cost of food may increase substantially as a result of requiring “natural” foods.
  • This book does not feature before and after photos to support the weight loss claims.
  • During the first phase of the program, dieters may experience some side effects as toxins leave the body.
  • This program does not stress how important it is to exercise regularly.


The Harcombe Diet seems to be well thought out and researched, but there is not a good deal of information about it presented either on the product website, or in the book description. While it may be researched, we do not see proof of research to show that the program works. While it has a decent foundation, there is no emphasis on exercise, which is known to be an important part of weight loss. If you choose to follow this diet, we recommend you do by adding a clinically proven weight loss supplement and a regular exercise routine to increase the likelihood of substantial weight loss results.

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