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H.A.R.D. Nutrition was founded by Dr. Robert Nikkel, now known as Dr. Bob. Dr. Bob has been conducting research and development for over 30 years which started with him working with professional athletes helping them recover from serious injuries or overall coaching them. He has studied holistic medicines and healing through the use of natural substances. Hard Nutrition is a company that works solely with natural botanicals, vitamins, minerals, and supplements that can be the most beneficial to the body. Hard Nutrition’s philosophy is as follows: “The belief that America has evolved into an illness based on a reactionary society, rather than a wellness based on a proactive society.” They thoroughly stand by their promise of “three weeks”, meaning that if you dedicate your life to overall change, their products will benefit you and you will start seeing results in as little as three weeks.


Hard Nutrition has a variety of products, ranging from weight loss supplements to performance enhancing and overall health advantage supplements. The main active ingredients in their weight loss supplements include: hoodia gordonii, vitamin B12, green tea extract, as well as a variety of other herbal extracts. The performance and health advantage supplements also include a variety of herbal extracts that work together for maximum benefits.

Product Features

Hard Nutrition has several different product lines made to help you live a healthier lifestyle. The Hard Nutrition Functional Water Systems are supplements created based on“unique, lightly-flavored water” which is the main function for the supplements. There are several products in the Functional Water System line including: Daily Basics, Fat Fighter, Get Over it – Feel Better Now, Whacked Energy, Wide Awake, and WIN!. The Hard Nutrition Supplements have been created with the help of over 100 athletes combined with the most modern research material available to date. This line of products has been consistently researched through athletes during their daily lives while taking these supplements. They are able to optimize performance as well as maintain a healthy lifestyle at the same time. Finally, the Health Advantage Supplements contain a blend of different herbs created to function with the body. All Health Advantage Supplements contain only herbs in their natural form with no preservatives.

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  • Several different products to meet everyday needs.
  • User testimonials on website.
  • Affordable products.


  • Products do not work for everyone.
  • Products are advised to be taken for 30 days at a time, not permanently.


Hard Nutrition has been around for over 30 years and has its origins in the holistic medical field. There are a variety of products that are proven to meet everyday needs, whether you are dieting, training, or overall desiring to live a healthier lifestyle.

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    Can you just drink the drink without the supplement just for a water drink base


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    Sharon B

    Are you still in business??? Call me please.


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    Richard Cordova

    Where can you find the cleansing for the lever colon etc.. What stores care it??